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How SavingStar Works

SavingStar eCoupon Survey March 2011:

A Summary of Main Findings

About the Respondents

  • 500 respondents
  • All participants performed at least 60 percent of their household’s grocery and drug store shopping
  • Respondents included 68% women and 32% men, with ages ranging from 21 – 55 and a median age of 43 years

Shopping Patterns

  • 70% of the participants spend more than $200 per month on groceries
  • 8 out of 10 participants are members of shopping loyalty programs
  • 89% of participants visit two (2) or more retail stores each month to complete their shopping

Coupon Use

  • 90% of participants report using coupons when they shop for groceries
  • Only 3% of participants never use coupons
  • 69% of participants spend more than 20 minutes per week (or, 80 minutes per month) searching for, cutting and printing coupons
  • Households with incomes of $100,000-$124,999 on average save $145 per month on groceries with coupon use
  • 60% of participants reported they are using coupons more often than they did a year ago
  • 79% of men surveyed think coupons are an important way to save money on everyday grocery purchases
  • 86% of men and 94% of women surveyed are excited to see how much money they can save by using coupons

Savings Options

  • 90% of people surveyed prefer to have a choice in how they redeem their savings
  • 78% of participants are interested in having their coupon savings deposited directly into their bank account
  • 75% are interested in having their coupon savings offered in the form of a gift card

Smartphone Usage

  • Over 70% of those under 35 years old were likely to use a SavingStar mobile app to select eCoupons