How Does My Grocery Store Work With SavingStar Without A Traditional Loyalty Card?

  • Festival Foods – Register the “Upromise keytag” available at the customer service desk of each store. SavingStar’s technology was originally developed at – a site that helps families save for college. These stores produced special barcoded keytags for Upromise that can be scanned just like loyalty cards. Once you get the keytags, simply register it in your SavingStar account and scan the keytag at checkout. (You do not need to be a Upromise member to get a keytag, and you do not have to use your savings for college.)
  • Hannaford – Register your myHannaford sticker. If you do not have a sticker, you can order one from Hannaford. The number on the sticker can be registered with SavingStar. (If you already have a Hannaford Upromise card, you can register that with SavingStar as well).
  • King Kullen – Register the King Kullen SavingStar keytag available at each store.
  • Roche Bros. – Register the Roche Bros. SavingStar keytag available at each store.
  • Shoppers – Register the SavingStar keytag available at each store’s customer service desk.