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What is SavingStar?

SavingStar is the smart and simple way to save on your groceries. Our grocery rebates are fully digital with nothing to clip or print. SavingStar has over 8 million members and was founded in 2011.
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Which stores participate in SavingStar?

Over 100,000 stores participate in SavingStar, representing over 100 retail chains. Click here to see a list of retailers. If your favorite store is not listed as a participating retailer, please let them know that you would like them to join SavingStar!
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Does it cost any money to sign-up or to save money with SavingStar?

SavingStar is FREE to use.

We will never send you a bill for using SavingStar and we do not charge your credit card – and we never ask for your credit card number

(Please note if your account is inactive for 180 days in a row, we assess a $3.99 monthly fee only against savings in your SavingStar account. However, it is easy to keep your account active! To be considered active you must only do one of the following once per 180 days: activate a rebate, redeem a rebate or pick a payout.).
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What options are available as payouts from my SavingStar account and how do I get them?

When you accumulate $20 worth of savings you will be able to pick what type of payout you want. You can cash out to a bank account, PayPal account, Starbucks gift code, iTunes gift code, or AMC Theatres gift code. Payouts occur within 24-48 hours of being requested. Gift codes will be emailed to your SavingStar account email address. You can also donate your earnings to American Forests. back to top

Does SavingStar offer iPhone® or Android® apps?

Yes! These apps make it easier to redeem rebates at any Receipt-Scan Stores. Click here for the SavingStar iPhone app and click here for the SavingStar Android app. These apps also allow you to choose rebates while on the go – including while you are shopping – and also help you remember which rebates you activated online.
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What if I still have questions?

We’re here! Please submit your question on our contact us page and we’ll do our best to help you out.
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How do I close my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you’re experiencing an issue with your account or with SavingStar, please let us know, as we would be able to assist you with any problems. You can get in contact with our customer support team by clicking here.

You can close your SavingStar account on our website under your user Profile. To do this, go to and log into your account. Click the My Account link in the top right corner then click the Profile tab. At the bottom of the Profile tab, click the Close Account button. A confirmation will appear. Click on Close My Account to confirm and your account will be closed.

You will not be able to reopen your account without contacting us, and any rebates that are currently selected in this account will not be available if you register your loyalty cards with a new account.
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Grocery Rebates

How do I use SavingStar rebates?

SavingStar is a paperless way of saving with rebates at the grocery stores where you shop every day. Depending on the store, rebates link to your existing grocery and drug store loyalty cards or you can submit receipts for your purchases. Here’s how it works:

Join SavingStar for free. Choose the stores where you shop. For some stores you’ll register your grocery and drugstore loyalty cards on SavingStar, (for example, your CVS ExtraCare card, your Stop & Shop card, etc.) and for other stores you’ll need to save your receipts from purchases. Then, click the rebates you want and we’ll link them to all of your registered store cards. For Automatic-Savings Stores, when you use your card at checkout like you normally do, your savings are automatically added to your SavingStar account within 2-14 days depending on when the store sends us the purchase data. (Note: the savings are not given at checkout in the store and they are not printed on your receipt). For Receipt-Scan Stores, you’ll just need to save and submit you receipt through the SavingStar app or our website. Once your accumulated savings in your SavingStar account reach $20, you can pick your payout from a deposit into your bank or PayPal account or a donation to American Forests. It’s that easy!
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How do SavingStar One or Many rebates work?

SavingStar’s One or Many rebates give you a great new way to save. You can make your purchases in one trip or many at any participating store. Here’s how it works:

1. Buy in one trip or many – First, activate the rebate. Then buy in one trip or many at any store where you have a card registered with SavingStar or one of our Receipt-Scan Stores. Make sure to scan your card or save your receipt every time you shop.

2. Track your progress – Track your progress on You will receive your savings when you reach your goal. We’ll also email you after each purchase and when you’ve earned your reward. Progress & savings will post to your account within 2-14 days of purchase.

Note: Like other SavingStar rebates, your grocery bill will not change – when you receive your savings they will appear in your SavingStar account.

For One or Many rebates marked ‘One time use only’, you are only eligible to receive one reward for the rebate.
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When do I need to activate a SavingStar rebate?

In order to be guaranteed credit for a SavingStar rebate or One or Many offer, they must be activated in your account before you make any purchases. For Receipt-Scan Stores, you may also activate the rebate within the same day of that you make the purchase.

We recommend activating any rebates in which you are interested as soon as possible. The brands who sponsor our rebates sometimes limit number of activations per rebate. Because of this, some popular rebates may sell out quickly, and activating a rebate will be sure that it’s available for you until it expires.
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Can I get rewarded more than once if the same One or Many offer appears on, Facebook or elsewhere?

You are only eligible to be rewarded once for the same One or Many offer.
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I bought a product but didn’t get my savings. How and when do savings post?

Savings are not given when you checkout at the store. For Automatic-Savings stores they are deposited into your SavingStar account typically within 2-10 days after your purchase, depending upon how quickly the store sends us purchase data. Some stores can take up to 22 days to post your savings. For Receipt-Scan Stores, your purchase will post in 2-7 days after you submit your receipt.

Don’t worry! We’ll send you an email to alert you when your savings post. For more details on the timetable for a specific store, click here.
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I bought a product before the rebate expired, but my savings have yet to post. Will I still get my savings?

Yes you will! For Automatic-Savings Stores, once the store sends us the purchase data, the savings will post to your account and we’ll send you an email to alert you. For Receipt-Scan Stores, you can submit your receipt up to 3 days after the rebate expires as long as your purchase was complete before the expiration date.
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If a rebate requires me to buy 2 or more of a product, does it need to be in the same transaction?

Yes, it does need to be in the same transaction. The exception is for rebates labeled “One or Many” and clearly state on the rebate itself “Buy in one trip or many.”
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How often are new rebates available?

Every first of the month we have new rebates, and we typically have new rebates on Thursdays and Sundays, although new deals may become available at any time. We also post a new Healthy Offer of the Week each Tuesday for qualified members. back to top

When and how will I know that I’ve received my savings?

All savings will be posted to your SavingStar account within 2-22 days, allowing you to track exactly how much you’ve saved over time. We’ll also send you an email to alert you when your savings post.
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Can I get credit for my online grocery purchases?

In general, only purchases from participating brick & mortar grocery and drug stores are eligible for grocery rewards.
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Are SavingStar rebates doubled by retailers?

SavingStar rebates are not doubled.
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Do SavingStar rebates stack with in-store discounts or manufacturers’ coupons?

Generally, manufacturers state that it is against their policies for shoppers to redeem more than one manufacturer’s rebate for the same purchase. If you use in-store digital coupons it may prevent you from earning a reward for the corresponding SavingStar rebate.

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I used a coupon when purchasing items for a One or Many offer, what amount will apply to my One or Many?

Our One or Many rebates may be calculated after all store discounts, sales and coupons have been applied.

Purchases made with Points from SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS at Kmart are not counted as spend for One or Many rebates.

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Automatic Savings

Which stores participate in SavingStar as Automatic-Savings Stores?

Nationwide, over 22,000 stores participate in SavingStar as Automatic-Savings Stores, representing over 75 retail chains. Click here to see a list of all retailers including receipt-scan stores. If your favorite store is not listed as a participating retailer, please let them know that you would like them to join SavingStar!
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If I have more than one store loyalty card registered, will the rebates load to all of them?

Yes! SavingStar rebates will load to all of your registered cards. When you buy the qualifying product(s) at any of the stores, we will reward you for the purchase. Note that some rebates are designated to be available only at specific retailers. These will be marked with a yellow banner that indicates where they may be used (For example – Only at: CVS).
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How do I add a card to my SavingStar account through the app or the website?

To add a card to your SavingStar account from the website:

  1. Go to “My Account” and then the “Stores” tab.
  2. To add a card for a new store, click the ‘+ Add more stores’ button. (See below for if it’s a store you already have one or more cards registered for.)
  3. Select the store for which you want to add a card then click on the ‘Continue’ button. If the store you want to add doesn’t appear on the list, try entering in a new Zip code and clicking ‘Update Zip’.
  4. Then enter your card number on the next screen. You need to enter your card number twice to confirm it is correct and then click the ‘+’ to add your card.

To add a card for an existing store, click on the ‘Add another’ link next to the store you want to add. Then, enter your loyalty card number twice and click on the ‘+’ to add the card.

To add a card to your account from the SavingStar iPhone or Android app:

  1. Launch the App and tap Stores located at the bottom (iOS) or top (Android).
  2. Tap the “+” symbol in the top right (iOS) or bottom right (Android).
  3. Tap “Find by Zip”, enter your zip code and tap “Search”. Locate the store or stores you would like to register a card for and tap the check mark next to each store.
  4. Once you have selected a store or stores, tap the right pointing arrow in the top right corner.
  5. From here, you can either scan the card barcode, or manually type out the store card numbers.

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My grocery store is listed as a participating Automatic-Savings Store but doesn’t have a loyalty card. How does this work?

  • Farm Fresh or Festival Foods – Register the “Upromise keytag” available at the customer service desk of each store. SavingStar’s technology was originally developed at – a site that helps families save for college. These stores produced special barcoded keytags for Upromise that can be scanned just like loyalty cards. Once you get the keytags, simply register it in your SavingStar account and scan the keytag at checkout.
  • Hannaford – Register your Hannaford Rewards number. If you do not have a Hannaford Rewards number, you can register for one on the Hannaford website.
  • King Kullen – Register the King Kullen SavingStar keytag available at each store.
  • Roche Bros. – Register the Roche Bros. SavingStar keytag available at each store.
  • Shoppers – Register the SavingStar keytag available at each store.
  • Stater Bros. – Register your 10 digit digital deals ID and use your number at checkout. If you do not have a digital ID, you can register here.

Which stores are included in SavingStar as Receipt-Scan Stores?

You can redeem rebates by taking a picture of your receipt from Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Sam’s Club, H-E-B, Food 4 Less, Family Dollar, Meijer, WinCo Foods, Ingles, Brookshire’s, Kroger, Dillons, Baker’s, Gerbes, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, JayC, King Soopers, City Market, PayLess, Publix, Owen’s, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith’s.
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How do I redeem rebates at Receipt-Scan Stores?

It’s easy. Make a purchase and be sure to save your receipt. Use the SavingStar mobile app or our website to submit a picture of your receipt (app available on iPhone or Android). To redeem through the app, tap the receipt button. First scan the UPCs (barcodes) from your purchase. Then take a picture of your receipt using the app. If you already have the app, make sure to update to the newest version! On the website, click Submit Receipt (above the top right rebate at back to top

How do I redeem Healthy rebates that don’t have a UPC?

When you are redeeming a Healthy Offer of the Week at a receipt scanning store, on the app there is a link directly underneath the barcode scan box that says “Produce without a UPC?” Use that link to type in the item number printed on your receipt. (Do not include any letters that might be found after the numbers.) From the web, enter the PLU number founded directly on your receipt.
If your receipt does not have a PLU number printed on it, you can also enter the name of the product. back to top

Can I submit receipts without a smartphone?

You are able to submit receipts via the SavingStar website, in addition to our mobile SavingStar app for iPhone and Android.
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Can I submit a receipt for any store?

We only accept receipts from certain stores. Please see the list of retailers participating in SavingStar.The ones marked with an asterisk require a receipt to be submitted.
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How long do I have to submit a receipt for a purchase?

We recommend you submit a receipt as soon as possible after your purchase, however, you have until 3 days after the rebate expires to submit receipts for any qualifying purchases at receipt-scan stores.
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How long will it take my receipt to be processed?

It should take 1-5 days and you will receive an email when the receipt is processed.
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I submitted my receipt, but it was rejected. Why?

There are a few reasons a receipt could be rejected. For example:

  • The receipt was blurry or items were hard to read.
  • The receipt did not contain all of the information required. Required information includes the retailer name, receipt total, and purchase date.
  • The purchase did not qualify for the rebate.
  • The purchase date was not within the rebate period.

If your receipt was rejected and you need additional assistance, please contact our customer service team here.
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Can I submit receipts from online grocery purchases?

At this time SavingStar grocery rebates are only redeemable in-store at brick & mortar retailers, and are not available through online orders or online orders for in-store pickup. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.
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Why can’t I scan UPCs on my iPhone? The screen is back with a red line through it.

We are sorry that you have experienced a problem! It sounds like the camera privacy setting for our app on your device might be toggled off. On your iPhone, if you go to Settings, SavingStar, and Privacy, you’ll see an option to allow camera access to our app. Toggle that on, and you should be all set.
Please let us know if you continue to encounter a problem after toggling that setting, but contacting with a summary of your issue.
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What kinds of receipts can I submit for alcohol rebates?

You can submit printed receipts from any of our participating retailers or any liquor store to qualify for alcohol rebates. We do not accept any handwritten receipts from any retailer. If you are submitting a receipt from a liquor store, select ‘Any Liquor Store’ as the retailer when submitting your receipt.
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What information needs to be on receipts from liquor stores to qualify?

We only accept printed receipts that include the date of purchase, the total spent and a description that includes the item or items purchased.
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Can I redeem other SavingStar rebates at any liquor store?

Customers can only redeem alcohol rebates at any liquor store. To redeem other SavingStar rebates, you will need to go shopping at one of our participating retailers.
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