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One or Many Promotions

The Challenge

A large household product CPG wanted to increase sales across multiple product lines while achieving great ROI on the promotion.


SavingStar analyzed actual purchase data from shoppers’ store loyalty cards for the 480 days prior to the promotion in order to understand actual consumer behavior towards the portfolio of brands. Based on this data, our team custom-designed a One or Many promotion to reward shoppers $5 only after purchasing $30 worth of participating products across 9 product lines and dozens of UPCs during a 4 month period (redeemable over one or many shopping trips at one or many stores).

Average Portfolio 120 Day Sales

data graph


SavingStar’s One or Many promotion enabled the CPG to dramatically increase purchases and steal market share from competitors. SavingStar drove a 210% lift in overall sales compared to the average 120-day period.

Redeemers Increased Spend

data graph

Shoppers who redeemed the offer increased their average spend from $18.10 to $49.04. New buyers went from $0 spent over a typical 120 day period to an average of $35.24!

Sub-Redeemers Increased Spend Too

data graph

Shoppers who participated in the offer, but did not reach the required $30 threshold in order to earn a reward (i.e. “sub-redeemers”), increased their average spend 34% - with no redemption cost to the CPG. New buyers went from $0 spent with the brand over a typical 120 day period to $11.31!

Multiple Category Behavior

data graph

Shoppers also dramatically increased their purchases across multiple categories. Prior to the promotion, 59% of shoppers purchased only 1 of the 9 brands. During the promotion, 78% of shoppers purchased multiple brands.


The Challenge

After running a One or Many offer, a beverage company knew that it could increase sales and market share through SavingStar. The company wanted to know if it could drive even more sales by personalizing a second offer to shoppers who had purchased the brand previously, getting them to buy even more product than the original offer.

New to Category
New to Brand
Brand Switchers
Brand Loyal


SavingStar created 4 segments of shoppers based on their participation in the initial offer. Each segment was required to purchase a different amount of products over several weeks in order to qualify for the reward, with the top segment of shoppers required to spend twice the amount of non-buyers in order to receive a reward. At the conclusion of the promotion, personalizing the offer resulted in 16% more sales than the initial offer.

White-Label Rewards Program

Kellogg's Family Rewards badge

The Challenge

Kellogg’s was looking to modernize its popular Kellogg’s Family Rewards loyalty program. Traditionally, shoppers were required to manually type in on-pack codes through KFR’s website in order to submit proofs of purchase and earn rewards. Kellogg’s wanted to create a simpler way for shoppers to collect points, earn rewards, and participate in promotions, as well as save money with a more cost effective solution.

Kellogg's family rewards products


Partnering with SavingStar, Kellogg’s was able to get a new consumer-friendly rewards program launched within months that enabled shoppers to automatically earn rewards using their store loyalty cards at checkout. Shoppers can register their loyalty numbers from 75+ leading retailers including ShopRite, CVS, Ahold Delhaize, and more on KFR’s revamped website to easily take advantage of the benefits of Kellogg’s Family Rewards.

Kellogg's Loyalty Promo


The new Kellogg’s Family Rewards program is a hassle-free hit with shoppers as out-dated on-pack codes are phased out. Within months of the launch, hundreds of thousands of store loyalty cards were registered with millions of transactions tracked automatically.

Kellogg's product logos

Sampling Program

Campbell's Logo

Campbell’s was introducing new product lines including Prego and Pace Ready Meals and Campbell’s Organic Soup.

Campbell's organic products
Prego and Pace Ready Meals

SavingStar provided Campbell’s an easy to set up program where shoppers could sample a full-sized item of their choice. Instead of traditional sampling campaigns where shoppers get a trial-sized item that needs to be custom manufactured and sent in the mail, or in-store tastings where shoppers only get a bite, SavingStar’s sampling solution enabled shoppers to go to their local store and receive a free full-size product in the flavor of their choice.

Ready meals promo
Ogranic soup promo

Campbell’s sampling program had a tremendous response from SavingStar members with very high redemption rates. Additionally, SavingStar’s media partners promoted the new products on hundreds of popular websites to help spread awareness of the offer. SavingStar tracked all purchases down to the UPC and store level to provide valuable data back to Campbell’s on how the items performed. SavingStar’s unique capabilities also enable Campbell’s to track repeat purchases after the conclusion of the sampling period. Campbell’s immediately followed up the sampling program with a One or Many promotion including all of the sampled products and additional new products to drive repeat purchases over the next 3 months.

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