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It’s Quiz Time! Sum-Sum-Summertime

Happy Summer, everybody! Hot days, hamburgers on the grill, and multiple weeks off from school… let the sunscreening begin!  Spare a minute to appreciate the newly arrived season by taking our quick quiz on summer-related facts. What’s your favorite thing about summer? […]

It’s Quiz Time! Try Taking our Teeth Trivia

Hosting any out-of-town guests this summer?  Might be a good time to add a few back-up toothbrushes to the medicine cabinet!  Now through 6/27, you can save $1 when you buy 2 GUM® Toothbrushes. In honor of these toothtastic savings, […]

It’s Quiz Time! May Flowers

Happy May everybody! You know how the old saying goes… April showers bring May flowers.  I thought it might be fun to see just how aware we all are of exactly what the names are of the blooms we all […]

It’s Quiz Time! You Say Potato, I Say Take This Quiz

The potato might qualify as one of my top 5 “If I Were Stuck on a Deserted Island” foods.  Versatile, hearty, and filling, I’m always a sucker for a good potato dish. Now through 3/28, we have not one but […]

It’s Quiz Time! Presidential Trivia

Happy Presidents Day! On Friday, my 5-year-old daughter was quick to tell me that there was no school on Monday.  “That’s right,” I said.  “Do you know why?” “Because the President said we didn’t have to go!” Not quite, kiddo.  But at […]

It’s Quiz Time! Cereal Taglines

Are you a lover of breakfast cereal?  Take our quiz and see how well your brain has stored past and present taglines for some of your favorite cereal brands… and, don’t forget to take advantage of the eCoupon to save […]

It’s Quiz Time! Celebrity Baby Names

So, as mentioned in the first minutes of nearly every single US newscast over the weekend, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z welcomed their first baby into the world, a little girl who they named Blue Ivy. Apparently, once you hit celebritydom, […]

It’s Quiz Time! Celebrity Voices in Children’s TV and Movies

So, winter “vacation” is over.  If yours was like mine, chances are that sprinkled in with holidays, visits with friends and family, and gift-wrapping stress was a fair amount of kids’ movie and TV watching. Have you ever been watching a […]