Reach a scaled audience of millions of shoppers with 100% digital promotions – nothing to clip or print. SavingStar enables brands to run cost effective promotions in a variety of manners: on both mobile and web, single transaction or over multiple transactions, incentives for shoppers to buy specific products within a larger portfolio of products, and rewards for shoppers who engage with your brand by watching a video or sharing their email address. We include a full report on the effectiveness of your promotion backed by the best data in the industry – including which products shoppers purchased, at what stores, pre and post promotion share changes against your competitors, overall category shifts, and more.

While others focus on single shopping trip transactions, SavingStar’s unique One or Many promotion encourages shoppers to make purchases over one or many shopping trips at one or many retailers over the course of weeks or months. By analyzing actual shopping behavior from SavingStar’s exclusive digital network of 75+ loyalty card linked banners, SavingStar customizes specific promotions to increase your brands’ sales. We’ll analyze what shoppers are currently buying in order to recommend promotions that have been shown to increase sales 200-500% during the course of a multi-month promotion and 10-50% in the 3 months after the promotion ends. According to our clients, One or Many promotions have the best ROI in the industry. No other company has SavingStar’s big data capabilities combined with user-friendly mobile and web promotions.

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Online Merchants:

SavingStar’s Cash Back Mall enables online retailers to reach millions of shoppers. SavingStar already works with 800+ merchants including Groupon, Macy’s, Lands’ End, and more. SavingStar passes 100% of the commission back to our members, encouraging high conversions.

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Grocery Retailers:

Create a better savings experience for your shoppers. SavingStar works directly with 75+ banners – enabling shoppers to redeem offers without submitting receipts.

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