20 Favorite Recipes from 20 Food Bloggers – Vote for Your Fave to Win a $50 Gift Card

update: This sweepstakes is now closed. The winning recipe was submitted by Denise from “From Brazil To You” with her Indoor Skillet S’mores!

We asked 20 top food bloggers to share their favorite recipes with us. Check out the amazing recipes they submitted and then vote for your favorite to be entered to win a $50 American Express gift card (and we’ll send a gift card to the blogger whose recipe gets the most votes too)! 

oh, sweet basil4 Cheese Margherita Pizza

four-cheese-margarita-pizzaNot only is this a super delicious and simple pizza but it is the recipe that got Carrian and her family blogging in the first place. It was their first recipe blog post and it still their favorite meal to enjoy together around the table. Try it out and make this special pizza a favorite for you and yours.

The Devil Wears ParsleyRockin’ Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Cajun Chicken Sandwich

The devil himself couldn’t make a better sandwich than our friend Natalie. This sandwich has it all. I order Cajun chicken sandwiches all the time but never thought to make one myself. Everything about this sandwich rocks. Keep it spicy for those spice lovers or dull the spice down for the kiddos. Serve it up with some homemade Cajun style baked fries. Just cut the potatoes, add olive oil and cajun seasoning and bake for the perfect side dish. A new favorite?? I thinks so!

Hello Newlywed LifeSkillet Caprese Chicken

Skillet Capresse ChickenThis is a one pot meal that is Megan and her family’s favorite. It’s filled with wonderful fresh flavors from the tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella cheese. It takes no time at all to throw together and serve up, plus the best part is clean up is easy. Since my little one is on a veggie strike I would add some fresh or frozen spinach and carrots and then blend it up so she’s getting more nutrition than she knows about in that delicious sauce. Definitely going to be one of my family’s new favorites.

Moni MealsQuinoa Mac n’ Cheese

Quinoa Mac n' cheeseThis recipe has been demanded by Monica’s fans over and over again. Not only is it packed with an amazing cheesy flavor, it is healthy for you. The quinoa gives it such a wonderful texture and nuttier flavor over traditional pasta. Add more cheese if you like it to be more creamy and keep it healthy by serving some steamed veggies or a fresh salad along side. Because this dish is so simple you can make it your own with all sorts of toppings and different types of cheese. I can see why this recipe is a favorite on her blog.

VianceCornflakes Crispy Chicken

Cornflakes Crispy ChickenChicken nuggets are always a hit with kids and as parents we are always trying to get them to eat a healthier version of those traditionally fried or frozen favorites. These cornflake-crusted nuggets are easy to make and healthy as well since the are baked. Season them up with your family’s favorite flavors or leave them as is. Either way they will be such a hit and another family favorite any day of the week. The recipe also provides a low-cal honey mustard recipe.

Culinary.netWeekend Brunch Casserole

weekend-brunch-casseroleThis recipe is one of the most popular on Culinary.net’s site since it’s so easy and packed with flavor. Not to mention you can turn this into a dinner casserole by substituting ground beef for the breakfast sausage or mixing it up any way you want. Cooks up in 15 minutes and prep should only take you about 10 minutes since you simply stack everything in the casserole dish. On the weekends I love making this for brunch for the family. Gives us a break from the typical breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. A mimosa also goes well with this dish!

From Brazil To YouIndoor Skillet S’mores

Skillet S'moresS’mores are such a wonderful, comforting, familiar and fun dessert for anyone at any age. The only issue I tend to have is my daughter is two and I have an electric stove and live in a condo, so our grill is not very impressive or easy to use on our small balcony. We didn’t had s’mores all summer until Denise submitted this recipe to me last week. It’s a three-ingredient, super quick, ooey gooey treat that can be enjoyed all year round… One doesn’t need a pitfire to have this!!! Now I make them all the time and we get to enjoy that roasted flavor without dealing with the outdoors or flames. Perfect!

Joyful Healthy EatsGrilled Chicken Margherita Pizza

Grilled Chicken Margherita Pizza_I crave pizza at least twice a week and usually can behave myself by having it only one day a week, but if you can get that pizza craving satisfied without all the fat and calories why not have it more often? This recipe uses pre-made whole wheat naan. If you haven’t had naan, you gotta try it out. I’ve used it for open faced sandwiches, flatbreads, pizza and nachos. Now you can try it with a super flavorful, easy and healthy pizza for one or two. Might be too good to share!

So Very BlessedCheesy Quinoa Bites

Cheesy Quinao BitesHere is another healthy recipe that is great to make ahead of time to stick in the fridge or freezer to bake later. Quinoa is packed with protein and very filling, plus you get your veggies in this dish from the shredded carrots. Becky stated according to her My Fitness Pal calculator these are only 130 calories in 4 bites. So don’t feel bad having 8! Serve it up with a light dressing or make your own dipping sensation. Personally, I love using Greek yogurt for dips. So explore the endless possibilities and don’t feel bad indulging in these tasty little snacks.

Stockpiling MomsCrockpot Cheesy Chicken and Rice

Crockpot-Cheesy-Chicken-We’ve seen many amazing recipes from our friend’s at Stockpiling Moms and it is not surprising that one of their most popular dishes includes the use of a crock pot, chicken and cheese. It takes 5 minutes to prep! Yeah, 5 whole minutes! Who doesn’t love something simple, cheesy and all cooked up with little effort? This is a hearty and comforting meal that would be perfect served up with their Sour Cream Rolls and of course some broccoli, asparagus or green beans. I always throw a splash of green on the plate.

Coupon Cutting MomEasy Chicken Croquettes

Easy-Chicken-CroquettesThese tasty little treats are easy to make but do take a long time at first. Once you spend the few hours getting them together they are perfect for portioning out and sticking in the freezer for a ready made meal any day of the week. Season them up any way you like or keep them simple and serve it up with your favorite veggie or a nice side salad and of course dipping sauces. Another reason to love this dish is you can serve it up as an appetizer, lunch or dinner.

Cherry on my SundaeSkillet Toasted Penne with Cajun Shrimp

Cajun Shrimp PastaChristine’s most popular dish is a healthier version of creamy pasta. What is surprising about this dish is how she gets the pasta to be creamy without using actual cream. She cooks the pasta the same way one would cook risotto. The result is a creamy texture because the pasta starch actually thickens sauces and stocks. Of course you also get amazing Cajun shrimp with fresh veggies and herbs in this recipe. It’s a perfect dish!

Lemon Tree DwellingLemon Bar Muddy Buddies

Lemon Bar Muddy BuddiesI haven’t had muddy buddies since I was probably about 8 but after reading this post it brought back so many great memories of eating muddy buddies as a kid and having sleep-overs. These muddy buddies use lemon curd and white chocolate. You can’t go wrong with something you don’t need a fork to eat. They are also covered in lemon, white chocolate and powdered sugar. Oh yum.. I can’t wait to try these out and enjoy them sitting on the floor while watching some Disney movie or latest cartoon with my toddler. Let the memories begin with a new twist on an old classic. Shall we say new favorite? I think, YES.

Be Healthy, Be Happy WellnessFake Spaghetti (aka spaghetti squash)

Fake SpaghettiMy Mom made spaghetti squash for me and my brother all the time. I actually forgot it existed until I received this recipe. Then a light bulb went off! It’s healthy and easy so why am I not making more of this? Now that I’ve reminded you it exists get out there and make some. You can keep it simple and just serve with your favorite red sauce, olive oil and garlic and always add some greens to make it extra healthy for everyone! This recipe added spinach and that is something I can always get my daughter and husband to eat if it’s mixed with pasta sauce. I will be adding Parmesan but hey, the rest is healthy and low fat so why not!

Celiac FamilyGluten Free/Dairy Free Halloween Ghost Meringue Cookies

Ghost Cookies CollageNow that I’m a parent I’ve come to the realization that many kids and adults suffer from food allergies. It’s always a good idea to have some awesome recipes on hand that are gluten free and dairy free, but exciting and tasty. Here we have ghosts featured just in time for Halloween but there are plenty of other designs you can make using the same recipe. Heather has instructions on how to make holiday cookies and rubber ducks. Get creative and have fun with these and the kids. I know my daughter will love making and eating little ghosts, duckies or snowmen.

Opera Singer in the KitchenFluffy Vegan Pumpkin Biscuits

Vegan Pumpkin BisquitsFall is almost upon us, but I could easily enjoy these delicious biscuits any time of the year. They are filled with that warm and inviting pumpkin flavor and come out so fluffy. I made these a week ago and I must say they’re definitely another new favorite. They aren’t as heavy as most other biscuits. The health factor is in full swing as well. If you can’t or don’t like to use agave nectar (though I highly recommend it), wheat flour or vegan butter, then use what you like. My daughter really had a good time mixing the dough, rolling it out and then punching out little circles. She called them flowers and with a bright pretty orange why not?

Farm Fresh FeastsMake Ahead Irish Potato Casserole

Make ahde irish Mashed Potato CasseroleIf this recipe doesn’t become a staple on your dinner table for Thanksgiving and all year around I’d be surprised. It’s super easy and like all the dishes in this blog post packed with a ton of amazing flavor. I typically have the required ingredients on hand all the time. The roasted garlic adds a special touch while the sour cream gives it a great tang to balance the richness in the potatoes and cream cheese. I love that this is so easy to make ahead of time. Yup, another favorite in my recipe box!

Running with WrinklesEasy Butternut Squash Soup

Easy Butternut Squash SoupOur friend Joan openly admits she got this recipe from the Food Network but you always need a good base and then you can make any recipe your own. I’ve been loving butternut squash soup since the first time I made it 10 years ago based on a recipe I got from Emerile Lagasse on none other than the Food Network. Now take this simple recipe and add your own special touches or just keep it as is. Either way, it will be a new favorite on your table especially when fall hits. My special touches would include roasting the butternut squash, adding a little fresh chopped sage, some celery for freshness, and if you feel daring, some hot Italian sausage.

Go Meals GoHamburger Mac Soup with Mixed Veggies

Hamburger SoupThough it states “hamburger” in the title, this recipe is nothing short of healthy and hearty. I actually made this for the first time months ago and I still make it for the family today. Who doesn’t love soup for meal? Definitely a favorite in our family and a break from some of the more traditional soups and stews.

Healthy JasmineChocolate Avocado Cupcakes

Chocolate Avocado CupcakesIf you haven’t tried avocado in a dessert you must start with these amazing cupcakes. They are also gluten free and vegan. Avocado has a ton of nutrients, more potassium than bananas, and a load of other great benefits our recipe blogger Jasmine has listed on her site. The flavor is so good no one will know they are good for them. Any dessert that is actually good for me is one that I will keep in my favorite box forever.

Now that you have 20 amazing recipes tested and approved by some of the top recipe bloggers, get out there and start cooking.

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