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We’ve teamed up with recipe site Culinary.net to give away a $50 American Express gift card to one lucky person! Culinary.net has selected 10 of their favorite end-of-summer dessert recipes to close the summer with a bang. Vote for your favorite in the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post and you’ll be entered to win!

Deep Dish Fresh Blueberry Pie

blueberry-pieA pie that you can make and enjoy all year around. It is so simple and using fresh blueberries over canned or frozen really makes this pie extra special. Another reason I love this pie is it can be made a day before so you’ll have it when you need it without having to worry about baking it last minute.

Salted Caramel Cinnamon Cupcakes

salted-caramel-cupcakesNow these are some decadent cupcakes. Everyone will loves these no matter what age they are. You get a great warm burst of cinnamon with a creamy cream cheese frosting and saltiness that cuts through all the sweetness. It’s a party in your mouth! Just think how pretty they look on a table or on a plate before serving. It’s a special little treat for each guest or family member.

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Box Cake

peanut-butter-icebox-pieThis is a wonderful dessert that also is perfect to make days in advance or the night before. Everyone can cool off while enjoying all the rich chocolate and creamy whipped cream with that delicious nutty peanut butter. My best friend is a huge chocolate lover so I will be making this for our next girls’ night together. We don’t like to share with the boys (or kids) when the dessert is this good 🙂

Apple Cranberry Cobbler

apple-cranberry-cobblerThis is a warm-your-heart-and-tummy kind of dessert. Such a comforting and all American dessert with warm cinnamon and sweet apples, along with a great tartness from the cranberries. Serve it up with a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a cold glass of milk or warm cup of tea. Such a sweet ending to any night!

Premium Pecan Pie

pecan-pieMy brother’s favorite pie is a classic pecan. My Mom dreads making it for him yet she does every year for Christmas and sometimes on Thanksgiving if she has the time. I love the warm Spice Island spices which I haven’t seen in my Mom’s recipe. Crunchy pecans are something I can never resist especially tucked in that gooey filling. Add a dollop of fresh whipped cream to top it all off. Can’t wait to see if my brother likes this recipe better than Mom’s  😉

Sweet Cherry Pie Ice Cream

Sweet Cherry Pie Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is a real treat, especially when you combine vanilla with cherries and cinnamon graham crackers! The kids can help make this one too.

Banana Split Dessert Pizza

banana-split-dessert-pizzaHow adorable is this? Not only is it cute but everyone loves pizza. It was the first food my daughter was able to ask for and get excited over when served. I know she is going to really love having a dessert pizza with fresh bananas and chocolate. Super fun and super easy! Feel free to change it up with any toppings you like or to fit any party theme.

100 Calorie Pumpkin Pie Tartlets

pumpkin-pie-tartletsDid you ever think you could enjoy pumpkin pie in only 100 calories? Well, this one doesn’t skimp on that delicious pumpkin pie flavor and it’s absolutely adorable. I love serving each person their own little dessert on a plate. Ask your guests to guess how many calories are in it!

Luscious Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

luscious-baked-chocolate-cheesecakeWhat’s a dessert list without an amazing chocolate cheesecake? It’s actually much easier to make than you would think, but it is time consuming so be sure to prepare it the day before or in enough time to kick off the dessert round of the party. You can make it early in the morning and let it freeze while dinner is served and partying is under way. So sweet, rich and creamy!

Triple Berry Café Mocha

triple-berry-cafe-mochaSince summer is coming to an end, the nights are getting cooler and a great cup of hot chocolate is a perfect end to a great evening. So warm and delicious. This hot cocoa has a lovely sweet berry flavor that goes well with an end-of-summer BBQ. Yummy!

We’ve listed all of these desserts on our Pinterest Board so pin your favorites or pin all of them.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 5.40.49 PM

If you want to learn more tips and tricks, check out Culinary.net’s Easy Outdoor Entertaining article. It has great summer iced coffee recipes, guacamole and cute strawberry parfaits.

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