You’ll Love These 30 Delicious Recipes Using Lemons And Limes

Time to brighten up your summer recipes with those refreshing lemons and citrusy sweet limes! Save 20% when you purchase loose lemons and limes with our new Healthy Offer of the Week and then check out the 30 recipes below and get inspired to be the best chef you can be! 

Domesticate MeLemon Yogurt Cake

Lemon Yogurt Cake

I’m a sucker for a good lemon cake. The problem is not many I’ve had are very good! They are either to sweet or to tart and tend to be on the dry side. This recipe uses low-fat greek yogurt and she even adds extra yogurt over the oil cutting out much of the fat. The result is not only is this cake lighter than most it is extremely moist and flavorful. The yogurt adds a great tang finish to go along with the sweet and tart lemons.

Domesticate MeGrapefruit Margaritas with Chipotle Chili Salt and Lime

Grapefruit Margaritas

Here’s a spicy yet refreshing cocktail that will get any party going. The spice in the chili along with the lime and fresh grapefruit juice gives this cocktail a complex array of flavors. You get smoky, spicy and refreshing all in one glass. Your guests will be so impressed!

Domesticate MeLemon Mint Iced Tea

Lemon-Mint-Iced-TeaGetting the perfect iced tea can be a bit tricky. You have to use enough but not many tea bags and steep it for just the right amount of time. The end result is one refreshing summer drink you will want to make again and again. Add a good rum as Serena points out or keep it kid friendly without the rum. Either way this is a great recipe and base to making most iced teas. Feel free to make it your own.

Empowered SustenancePaleo Cardamom Cupcakes with a Lemon Mousse Frosting

cardamom-cupcakeEverything’s better with a cupcake! Why not have a cupcake that isn’t that bad for you. This recipe is a little more labor intensive than most as you have to make a curd, the cupcakes and the mousse but the reward will be worth all the work. The cardamom goes so well with the creamy and light mousse lemon frosting. It’s filled with tasty yet healthy treats. So enjoy that cupcake without as much guilt.

Moni MealsLemon Mint Cake with a Honey Drizzle & Fresh Whipped Cream

Lemon Mint CakeThis is a super summery and super moist flavorful cake that everyone will enjoy. Lemon and mint are one of those perfect natural pairings as you get that bright citrus punch from the lemon with a smooth minty freshness to finish. The honey adds a perfect sweetness and the whipped cream balances it all out. Sounds delicious if you ask me!

Moni MealsMoni’s Tropical – Pineapple Spritzer

Tropical Pineapple SpritzerThis cocktail is light, low sugar and low calorie. It uses sparkling water (or soda water), coconut milk and fresh fruit including lemons and limes. All these add the flavor without the extra calories. Now you can feel better about having more than a few!

From Brazil to YouBrazilian Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Brazilian-Lemon-Meringue-CupcakesNow these are some super amazing lemony cupcakes I can’t wait to try out. I love lemon meringue pie. Now you can have that flavor of the toasted marshmallow topping, a lemony cake and surprise custard in the middle with these delectable delights. Oh yum.. Everyone will love getting their own tasty little treat to dive into. Garnish with a sliced lemon or sprinkle some lemon zest on top.

From Brazil to YouCaipirinha (Brazil’s National Drink)

TangiroskaThis is Brazil’s national cocktail. It is simple and very light. The traditional caipirinha consists of only limes, sugar, ice cubes and cachaça (like a rum but a bit stronger. If you can’t find it substitute your favorite rum). She also lists quite a few variations of this special drink so pick your favorite or try them all. Denise does not drink so you can also follow her simple virgin style if you like as well. No matter what you choose you are sure to love this national drink. Cheers!

Stockpiling MomsCrockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken

Crockpot-Cilantro-Lime-ChickenHere is a great recipe to make ahead and freeze for use anytime during the week. Once it’s all put together you take it out, throw it in your trusty cockpot and forget about it until it’s dinner time. Wah..lahh… Dinner is ready when you and the family are. Serve it up in lettuce as a lettuce wrap for the healthiest version, some tortillas or even over your favorite rice. Don’t forget to put out your favorite taco toppings. So easy! Love it!

Stockpiling MomsLow Fat Lemon Chiffon Pie

Lemon-Chiffon-PieWe all need light desserts that also don’t skimp on flavor. With this recipe you get simple, flavorful and light all in one. It’s a perfect summer treat. If you aren’t a fan of all the low fat feel free to use what you like. No one has to know there is a lighter version but you.

Culinary.netLuscious Lime Summer Smoothie

lime-smoothieWe can all use some refreshingly healthy smoothie recipes to keep us going this summer. I have not seen a smoothie that uses kiwi and lime yet what a match made in heaven. Here you get crisp lime with sweet kiwi some smooth banana for texture and a hint of mint to brighten it all up. Add some fresh lime juice and a nice slice for garnish. Ahhh… What a great way to start the day.

Culinary.netLemon Dill Shrimp Skewers

lemon-dill-shrimp-kabobsThese are so fun! Great appetizer that can be served up with some spicy yogurt dip or a fabulously light main course that would pair perfect with sweet and spicy grilled corn on the cob or some cilantro lime rice. Either way you decide everyone will be asking for more. Love how simple it is and you can make it more fun with fancy skewers.

Culinary.netLemon Raspberry Ribbon Pie

lemon-raspberry-ribbon-cakeNow this is a ribbon winning pie! Yet the name comes from the beautiful red ribbon of raspberries hiding in the center. The sweet and tart raspberries pair perfectly with tart lemon. Such a refreshing summer dessert.

Cherry on my SundaeWaffle Sandwich with berries and a Lemon Cream Sauce

Lemon Cream and Berry WafflesWaffles and waffle sandwiches seem to be popping up everywhere and they are inspired by such amazing ingredients. This recipe mixes a beautiful creamy lemon custard sauce with sweet and tart berries all sandwiched between a homemade waffle. YUMM! I would add a dollop of fresh whipped cream and a few sprigs of mint. Use any berries you have on hand.

The Garden Grazer – Black Bean Lentil Salad with Cumin-Lime Dressing

black bean lentil saladWhat a beautiful salad mixed with hearty black beans and lentils. The fresh veggies lighten it all up. Then you have that amazing cumin-lime dressing that ties it all together and flavors the entire dish. A wonderful garden on a plate with the addition of some hearty beans which means it can be enjoyed as an entreé or side dish. This is gluten free, vegetarian and healthy. What a perfect combo. Enjoy! 

The Garden Grazer – Creamy Cilantro-Lime Dressing

cilantro dressingMaking your own dressings is way to ensure control over the ingredients and add your own special touches to make it your own. Plus, you cut out any preservatives or additives. This dressing is so fresh and can be used not only as a dressing but as a marinade, drizzled on top of tacos or flavorful veggie dip. Our author has a great recipe for Southwest Chopped Salad that it also pairs perfectly with. 

The Garden Grazer – Quinoa Vegetable Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing

quinoa veg saladNow here is a salad or side dish after my own heart. Not only am I digging quinoa more than I ever have before this summer but anything that lets me throw in a ton of fresh veggies makes my heart sing especially because the farmer’s markets are getting more plentiful as the summer rolls on. I love the lemon basil dressing recipe to go along with it. Enjoy this salad either warm or cold. Great take along salad for a picnic or easy quick lunch at work! 

The Garden Grazer – Chickpea Avocado Mash with Lemon

chickpea avocado mashThis recipe is so versatile and you are going to love it on everything. Plus, it uses only 3 main ingredients and can be made in less than 5 minutes. You can add any additional ingredients you want to personalize the flavor. Use it as a spread, dip, alternative to mustard or mayo, as a healthy sandwich with some sprouts and tomato (as pictured) or eat it all by itself! The possibilities are filled with tasty possibilities. Chickpeas and avocado go together so well and you need the lemon to cut through the richness and keep the avocado from turning brown.

The Healthy VoyagerVeggie Wrap with Cilantro Cauliflower “Rice”

vegan-bean-and-caulifloer-rice-wrapWhenever I have a wrap, taco or burrito with rice in it I feel like I’ve hit carb overload. Our Healthy Voyager uses cauliflower mixed with cilantro, lime and butter to give you a rice texture without the carbs and you get all the benefits from eating your vegetables. Also, included in this wrap is wonderful fresh veggies, a creamy bean spread and fresh lemon garlic dressing. Use a whole wheat or veggie wrap to keep it even lighter and serve it up with some sweet potato fries.

oh, sweet basilKey Lim Cookies

Key Lime CookiesAnother amazing dish from Carrian. No one will expect these beautiful cookies to have a surprise twist of lime in them. They are soft, chewy and sweet yet you get that fresh tartness of the lime contrasting with a nice sweet creaminess from the vanilla chips. Such a wonderful way to switch up your cookie recipe.

oh, sweet basilHoney-Lime Chicken Enchiladas

Honey Lime Chicken EnchiladasThese are enchiladas that you will want to keep and save forever. The small hint of lime adds a great freshness and cuts through the spicy chili powder and melted cheese. I love that this uses a fresh white sauce as I’m not a huge fan of other more popular enchilada sauces. There is also a hint of sweet honey that adds a surprising depth to such a savory dish. Can’t wait to add my own touches and experiment. I’m thinking of adding diced green chilies and black beans. I will be making two batches so I can add some heat to mine and keep it mild for hubby and the little one. 

oh, sweet basilCilantro-Lime Rice

Cilantro-Lime-RiceA perfect side dish to go with our enchiladas above or there are other great ideas including fresh Baja tacos and California Grilled Steak burrito with zucchini. It all sounds absolutely divine. Add a little Latin and Mexican flare to your weeknight meals while still using fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors. I have not tried these yet but they will be on the menu this week. I always have rice, limes and usually cilantro (always parsley which can be substituted for cilantro) on hand. 

oh, sweet basilPanko Crusted Chicken with a Lemon Cream Sauce

Panko-Crusted-Chicken-with-Lemon-Cream-sauce.jpgWoohoo… A dish that uses my favorite bread crumbs (panko is so much lighter and crispier than plain or italian), will totally be appealing to my 2 year old and has a wonderful creamy lemon sauce. I will serve it up with peas as in the picture of some other healthy vegetable my daughter may or may not eat. At 2 I’ve found it all depends on the day yet when served with something she loves she is more likely to eat her veggies. Play around with adding fresh herbs or different spices to the panko mix. I would also throw a few capers on top. They will add a great bitter brininess to the sweet and tart cream sauce. 

oh, sweet basilMeyer Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

Poppyseed PancakesMy daughter is now home with me until 9am over her usual 7am pick up for daycare. Yes, this is amazing but now I to have to actually cook her breakfast instead of just heating it up or handing it to her ready to go. A task I’m all to excited about it and yet need great ideas such as these delectably delicious pancakes. These combine that great flavor you get in a lemon poppyseed muffin with sweet strawberries and of course freshly whipped cream. Use regular lemons instead of Meyer if you can’t find them. 

The Chic SiteMoscow Mule

Moscow MuleEverything about this cocktail is chic! It only uses 3 actual ingredients and I love the addition of cucumber and mint as a refreshing garnish. Instead of vodka I would probably use gin or try this without alcohol at all. It’s mainly because I am not a vodka girl and I really think it would be great either way you decide to make it. 

The Chic SiteGrilled Guacamole 

Grilled GuacamoleThis recipe gives plain guacamole a grilled makeover. Grilling the vegetables gives the guacamole a wonderful smokiness. The veggies also get a sweet caramelization that adds another depth of flavor. I’ve found grilled avocado is simply decadent as the heat releases all those natural nutty oils.

The Chic SiteLemon Face Toner

Lemon Face TonerThis recipe goes perfectly with a few girlfriends and good bottle of wine. It is all about pampering! Lemons are a great way to cleanse your face without harsh chemicals. It smells good too. Why not try it out and have a girls night in. If you have older kids it’s a great way to have fun while teaching them about keeping their skin clean and moisturized without spending tons of money on crazy skin products. ***If you have any cuts or open wounds do not allow lemon to get in it. It will burn! 

FoodNetwork.comBlueberry Lemon Crumble Cake

Blueberry crumb cakeI made this cake Sunday as I was totally in a cooking and baking mood this entire weekend. I managed to cook 2 full meals Saturday and Sunday along with baking this dessert and even managed to package up the leftovers for lunches during the week. Let me tell you this cake was the highlight of the entire weekend. That toasted cinnamon and brown sugar crumble on top is nothing short genious. I had to keep from eating it all while making the batter. That tart freshness you get from the lemon goes so well with the sweet blueberries all melted between the cake batter. I can’t wait to make this again because of course it is all gone.

Joyful Healthy EatsGrilled Tilapia Bowls Chipotle Avocado Crema

Grilled-Tilapia-BowlsHere you have a sweet and flaky filet of tilapia which is such a wonderfully light fish that will soak up any flavor you throw at it. Underneath that beautiful fish is a bed of crisp veggies, grilled corn, salty black beans and nutty quinoa. All of this deliciousness is topped with a slightly spicy but creamy avocado sauce. This is a much tastier and healthier version of those favorite burrito bowls we all know and love from Chipotle.

Mama MissLemon Chicken Linquini

Lemon-Chicken-LinguineMy favorite chicken combo is definitely lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. I can’t get enough of it when all put together on one plate. To make it even better toss with some al dente linguini. Doesn’t that sound delicious! Check out this recipe because everything described above is in this amazing dish.

Now get out there and grab your lemons and limes and brighten up your summer recipes! You’ll save 20% and now have 30 recipes to inspire the inner chef in you!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us which recipe or recipes are your favorite.

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