Tomatoes Are At Their Best – Get 20 Tasty Tomatoes Recipes

Tomatoes are in season! They are such a wonderfully sweet and versatile veggie. Not only are we offering 20% off but I have found 20 amazingly fresh and tasty recipes all using tomatoes to help inspire you.

Happy meal and memory creating my friends 😀

oh, sweet basilCalifornia Club Pasta Salad

California-Club-Pasta-SaladI might live on the East Coast and grew up in the Midwest but I am in love with fresh California flavors especially after visiting San Francisco years ago. Everything has such a summery and fresh feeling yet is so simple. The California cuisine highlights the natural bold flavors of whatever it is you are eating. This pasta salad reminds of warm summer days in the California sun. So fresh and full of earthy flavors.

oh, sweet basil4 Cheese Margarita Pizza

4 cheese margerita-pizzaI love a good margarita pizza any day of the week. Easy and simple. This takes a margarita pizza to whole new level with 3 additional yummy cheeses including Parmesan and feta that adds a salty and sharp flavor which pairs well with creamy and gooey mozzarella and fontina cheeses. Great way to add additional depth to an old classic.

The Healthy VoyagerBasily Tomato Avocado Salad

Basily Tomato Avocado SaladAnother fabulously fresh salad that is perfect for those hot summer days in sun. All the flavors scream summer with bright greens, juicy tomatoes and creamy avocado. If you want to make it a little more hearty add some grilled chicken or bacon. You can use any greens you like but I would recommend some spicy arugula or a good mesclun mix. I’ve been getting amazing arugula and mesclun at the farmer’s market lately.

Moni MealsStuffed Heirloom Tomatoes with a “Creamy” Quinoa Filling

Stuffed Heirloom TomatoesI still can’t seem to find heirloom tomatoes at the farmer’s market but my local grocery store is filled with both heirloom and beautiful beef steak tomatoes which are perfect for this deliciously creamy recipe that also isn’t as bad for you as it looks. There is low fat Greek yogurt in the filling that gives it that creamy texture without all the calories. The quinoa gives it great texture and nuttiness.

Empowered SustenanceSun-dried Tomato Lamb Burgers with Portobello “Buns”

Lamb Burgers w_ Portobello bunsThese burgers are completely Paleo, meaning it is good for you. Instead of bread she uses meaty portobello mushrooms which soak up all the flavors of the lamb burger and burger spices. The caramelized onions add a great crunch and sweetness and the avocados contrast that with a wonderful creaminess. Flavor match made in heaven!

oh, sweet basilRoasted Tomato Soup with Mini Grilled Cheese Croutons

Roasted Tomato Caprese SoupWe all love dipping our grilled cheese in our tomato soup and here Carrian takes that grilled cheese flavor and infuses it in these little croutons so you don’t have to dip. No matter what time of the year it is a hot cup of yummy tomato soup always hits the spot. Roasting the tomatoes gives the soup a great smoky finish.

oh, sweet basil20 Minute Cherry Tomato Basil Angel Hair Pasta

20-Minute-Cherry-Tomato-and-Basil-Angel-HairWell, anything that can be cooked in 20 minutes or less is always a recipe I can’t help trying. With so much fun stuff to do during the summer the last thing I want to do is spend hours in the kitchen or in front of a grill some days. Pasta is always a great way to fill those bellies with little effort and endless possibilities. This dish keeps it light and fresh which ties into that cool summer theme.

oh, sweet basilEasy Authentic Pizza Sauce

pizza sauceI grew up in what most people call the pizza capital of the world. Chicago has the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Yes, I know I’m partial but I never had a pizza I didn’t like even from the smallest little shops in the city. What makes an amazing pizza is an amazing sauce since it’s glue that holds the rest together. Getting the right ratio of spices can be tough so let us take the mystery out of the perfect pizza sauce with this recipe. It’s a base recipe so mix it up any way you want.

From Brazil to YouQuinoa Pilaf Lettuce Cups

Quinoa-Pilaf-Salad-CupsThis recipe was inspired by Denise’s trip to Colorado with her family. She stated the meals served there were all healthy, delicious and super fresh using local grown ingredients. After seeing some photos I can see how she was inspired to make this light and fresh dish. Just be sure to use a lettuce or cabbage that can hold all that yummy quinoa filling. Most cabbages are pretty thick and if you want to stick with lettuce I would use romaine, endive or Boston lettuce.

From Brazil to YouHearts of Palm Salad Skewers

Hearts-of-Palm-Salad-SkewersHearts of palm are not something I typically have in my pantry and yet when I remember how good they are I can’t wait to find them at my local market. You likely will not be able to find hearts of palm fresh depending on where you live but they are readily available in cans or jars. They are very crisp and have a mildly sour flavor which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the tomatoes. Denise put the salad on skewers to make it a little more fun. I love the idea but a plate works too!

Moni MealsGoat Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

Goat Cheese Stuffed TomatoesThis is a recipe after my own heart especially now that it is summer. I can’t get enough of tomato mixed with basil and other bright fresh ingredients. Goat cheese has such a wonderful light tartness and creamy texture that goes so well with the sweetness of the tomatoes and minty bold basil. This is a simple and elegant appetizer.

Running with WrinklesStuffed Tomato Cups with Tuna

Tuna stuffed tomatoesSince spring I have been eating so much tuna mainly because it is easy, and low in fat and calories. After eating tuna salad on various breads or on top of a low fat English muffin 100 times or more I am looking for new vessels to enjoy this healthy treat. Here is a base tuna salad recipe so feel free to make it any way you want and then stuff it in those gorgeous tomatoes you picked up at the store. A new tip I found in this recipe is that she uses the pulp to add additional tomato flavor. No cooking involved either!

Culinary.netYou Say Tomato

 You say Tomato put out a great article all about those juicy tomatoes you just saved 20% on. Learn the best things to pair with tomatoes, how to properly store them and 3 great recipes including Arugula and Mozzarella Spiked Tomatoes, Sunshine Mary (great take on a bloody mary) and a Tomato and Cucumber Salsa. Check it out! I learned quite a few new things like I didn’t know you shouldn’t store them in the fridge. I usually leave mine out on the counter because that is what my Mom did.

Domesticate MeCaprese Quinoa Bake with Basil and Balsamic Reduction

Caprese-Quinoa-BakeI might have gone a bit over board with the caprese style recipes in this blog post but there are way to many amazing different ways you can serve it up. This dish as the author so perfectly put it is “really really ridiculously good looking” and it tastes as good as it looks!! Let’s not forget that fresh mozzarella is very light and quinoa is very healthy. You get beauty, healthy and tasty all in one easy bake!

Will Cook for SmilesRoasted Chicken Thighs with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Roasted Chicken ThighsHearty and healthy is the only way to start off describing this dish. I love chicken thighs and they are always very reasonably priced. I prefer them without the bone due to ease only. The bone-in thighs are usually cheaper and have more flavor but feel free to use whatever you like. One of the other great things about this recipe is it all cooks up in one large oven proof skillet or pot!

Will Cook for SmilesSavory Tomato Basil Bread Pudding

Savory-Tomato-Basil-Bread-PuddingThis is a perfect spring brunch dish. Great way to also use up any left over bread from the day before. Going with the tomato and basil theme this bread pudding is filled with those fresh and decadent flavors while nestled in a bed of gooey bread pudding that is mixed with almond milk over traditional cow’s milk. Not only is almond milk lower in fat and calories it gives the dish a wonderful nutty undertone. Bread pudding isn’t just a dessert!

Savoring the ThymeEasy Cheesy Garlic Bread Tomatoes

Baked_Garlic_Bread_TomatoesThese are gluten free and much healthier version of traditional garlic bread. Use a thick tomato such as beef steak or large heirloom because you need something bold to hold all that yummy, cheesy breadcrumb topping. An appetizer that will not disappoint and a better way to get that garlic bread flavor without all the fat and calories.

Give RecipeEgg Stuffed Tomatoes

Egg-Stuffed-TomatoesThe kids will love getting their own edible tomato cup and you will love how easy and healthy this recipe is. The tomatoes get slow roasted in the oven allowing the sweet sugars to brown and the tomato to get soft and smoky while slowly cooking the egg leaving the yolks runny. She suggests adding green peppers next time and I agree that would be a tasty addition. Serve it up with some crunchy toast sticks. Such a great summer breakfast idea.

Yellow Bliss RoadLadybug Appetizers

ladybug AppetizerNow that I have a little one at home I’m always thinking of what type of nutritious and fun food I can serve up that will appeal to toddlers. These little ladybugs are made out of cherry tomatoes, olives, an herb cream cheese, Ritz crackers and some chive to make little antennas. So cute! It will be hard to eat them. Super easy too!

The Chic SiteTomato Mojito

Tomato MojitoNow that you have so many amazing tomato dishes to cook you need a wonderful tomato cocktail to tie it all together. This time it is NOT a bloody mary. The Mojito is a refreshing and light Cuban cocktail that is perfect for summer and this recipe mixes up the classic to incorporate sweet grape tomatoes. Sounds so refreshing and fun! Can’t wait to try this one out. After all that cooking we deserve a refreshingly fun cocktail!

Now that I’ve given you some inspiration it’s time to get your tomatoes if you haven’t already and get cooking and creating dishes that will put smiles on everyone’s face. Be sure to leave a comment and tell us which one is your favorite!

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