Save on Apples and Get Inspired With 20 Delicious Recipes

This week save 20% on apples and get cooking with 20 incredible recipes from top food bloggers!

Grandmother’s KitchenHomemade Apple Fritters

Apple FrittersThese delicious little fritters will fill your home with such a wonderful aroma making everyone’s mouth water including the neighbors so keep those windows open if possible. When you and your family bite into them everyone will be saying “yum”! Such a sweet treat.

Homegrown & HealthyApple Raisin Stuffed Pork

apple raisin stuffed porkThis is one those great make ahead meals. You can get it ready and freeze it for use anytime or get it prepped Sunday for a good meal Monday or Tuesday. It’s healthy, hearty and filled with flavors that balance salty with sweet. As we all know, apples and apple sauce go well with pork. Why not stuff a tenderloin with those flavors and call it a day!

Homegrown & HealthyGerman Apple Pancakes

german apple pancakesGreat way to get everyone started in the morning. Also super easy and another great dish you can get prepped the day before and just bake away in the oven. Serve them up with a little powdered sugar and maple syrup. Kids love them and I know yours will too.

Homegrown & HealthyBaked Apples with Pecan Oatmeal Stuffing

baked apples with pecan oatmeal stuffingThis is a healthy way to satisfy that sweet tooth. Plus, your house will smell so good you won’t ever want to leave. And, just think how excited the kids will be to each have their own apple as a dessert. Fun and full of nutrition!

Culinary.netApple-Cranberry Oatmeal Scones with Maple Vanilla Glaze

apple-cranberry sconesDoesn’t the name of this recipe alone give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? I can see myself enjoying this on my patio with a cup of coffee in the sunlight with hubby and the little one. They are also so perfect to serve for brunch or even a light dessert.

Culinary.netKids’ Grilled Halibut with Apples

Grilled Halibut w: applesNeed a new and better way to get your kids to eat some healthy fish? Well, takes a traditional halibut and spins it into this creative dish filled with apples that help hide the fact they are eating fish. They will love the sweet apples and contrast with the salty fish.

Misshomemade.comCaramel Apple Salad

Caramel apple saladThis is great make ahead dessert salad. Just don’t add the cashews until about an hour before you are about to serve so they don’t get soggy. Once you make this and put it out watch how quickly it disappears!

Mom on Time OutCaramel Apple Empanadas

caramel-apple-mini-piesThese little beauties take less than 20 minutes total to make. Perfect for a quick dessert or snack after school and work. Your family will be asking for these all the time and you will be happy to make them because they are so easy and delicious!! There is just something magical about caramel and apple stuffed in a flaky, warm pie crust along with caramel drizzled inside and out. Yummy… **Just don’t over stuff!

The Great Cake CompanyCaramel Apple Cake

Caramel-apple-cakeThis cake is nothing short of gorgeous and it has the perfect blend of sweet and spice. The warm flavors will make you feel ready to relax on the couch or in the back yard. So comforting and delectable while so beautiful and gourmet. Definitely a knock out dessert for any party or special occasion, yet the comforting flavors also make it great for any day of the week.

ChinDeepBrown Sugar Polish Kielbasa with Apples and Onions

kielbasa w_ apples and onionsServe this recipe alone, as a hearty breakfast with some Scotch eggs, or for dinner with good old sauerkraut or some potato salad. I’ve always enjoyed Polish kielbasa but never found too many variations of recipes that use them. This is different yet still keeps that traditional flavor. Enjoy!

Recipe GirlApple Spice Hummus

Apple-Spice-Hummus1This is a very unique yet delicious appetizer. You can definitely taste the hint of apple and peanut butter and then you get that great texture from the chick peas (also referred to as garbanzo beans). Don’t forget to add the cayenne though optional. If you add just a pinch it will help bring out the flavors in all the other ingredients. Serve it up with some veggies and apple slices.

Table for SevenCrockpot Apple Pie Coffee Cake

apple pie coffeecakeWith a table for seven I’m sure anyone would be relying on their crock pot as often as possible. Even with just one child and hubby at home I still utilize the crock pot as much as possible. This is great for a beautiful brunch or can be the perfect dessert especially with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, maybe some caramel sauce or a light vanilla-maple glaze. Be creative since the crockpot is doing all the work!

Cooking with CurlsTurkey Apple Panini

Turkey Apple PaniniA recipe for the dog days of summer. Such a wonderful contrast of sweetness from the apple and apple butter and saltiness from the bacon and turkey. Requires no oven so you can keep the house cool. Great to pack for a picnic lunch as well.

Raining Hot CouponsCaramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

caramel-apple-cheesecakeMy husband’s favorite dessert of all time is cheesecake and his second favorite is apple pie with ice cream. These decadent dessert bars combine all the flavors of apple pie with smooth and creamy cheesecake which sort of acts as a much tastier ice cream. Let’s just say the first time I made these, hubby was so pleased he ate more than half the pan himself in a little over a week.

Cooking on the Front BurnerFrench Toast with an Applesauce Syrup

French-Toast with applesauce syrupFrench toast in my opinion can only be made for a smaller family or if you don’t mind making it while everyone eats and it is still warm. With this french toast you get the flavor and it can be made ahead of time and then just baked off in the oven. Everyone will love the caramel apple sauce surprise at the bottom!

My Baking AddictionApple Pear Crisp

Apple-Pear-CrispNow this is a great mix of both summer and fall mixed together to create a flavorful and comforting dessert. The pears brighten up the warm flavors of the apples and cinnamon. The crumbly topping gives it that lovely crunch along with more bursts of flavor. A classic favorite.

Southern In-lawCarrot Apple Muffins

Carrot and Apple MuffinsGreat way to get kids and adults to eat healthier without them knowing how healthy the food is. Everyone loves muffins especially with sweet apples and warm spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Grating the apples and carrots may seem a bit tough but once you taste them and watch the family gobble them up you’ll be happy you took the time to do it.

Simple Made with LoveApple Meatloaf with Apple Cider Ketchup

apple meatloafWhile this recipe might scream fall I think it’s also a great meal you can enjoy in the summer. I would lighten it up by using a combination of ground turkey or ground veal and ground pork instead of beef. I usually make mini meatloaf’s so everyone can have their own little loaf and it looks prettier on the plate. 

2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy MomCrockpot Apple Chicken

Crockpot Apple ChickenAn easy weeknight meal along with an easy crockpot meal that all can be put together as early as the day before. I love getting things ready the night before so all I have to do is take it out and plug it in before I head off to work or my adventures for the day. This recipe allows you to do just that. Chicken, apples and pecans combined together in a hot casserole enhances the flavors, plus the textures blend beautifully! This will turn out to be a dish you make at least every few weeks.

The Baker ChickApple Cheddar Scones

Apple Cheddar SconesGorgeous and super tasty scones are the perfect snack to go alongside any dinner. If you haven’t put cheddar cheese on your apple pie you are truly missing out. All that wonderful apple flavor is balanced so well by the hint of salty cheddar. A match made in heaven.

Stock up on delicious apples while saving 20% this week, and use these inspiring recipes to make some new great dishes. Be sure to also leave a comment and let us know which one of these recipes is your favorite.

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