Get 20 Refreshing Recipes Using Cucumbers

Nothing says summer like refreshing and hydrating cucumbers! Now you get 20% back from SavingStar when you buy cucumbers and below I’ve put together 20 amazing recipes that will inspire you to use them. You’ll think of cucumbers in a whole new light as they can be used in cocktails, desserts and appetizers.

The Garden GrazerClassic Cucumber Salad

cucumber salad3Every summer my family always made bright and beautiful cucumber salad, so I had to kick off the post with one of my favorite recipes. I like that this recipe doesn’t use any dairy. It not only keeps it light, but also makes it easier to bring to picnics and barbeques without worrying too much about refrigeration. Also, this tastes much better made the day before so the flavors have time to infuse.

She Wears Many HatsCucumber Boats

cucumber boats greek yogurt dipThis is an easy, versatile and very healthy snack, appetizer or side dish. It can literally be made in minutes. I like that you can use this basic recipe and spice it up any way you like. Add some cumin to your yogurt for a smokier flavor or you can go Greek and add some tomatoes, garlic and feta. The kids will love being able to eat their bowl as well.

The Garden GrazerUltimate Greek Chopped Salad

greek chopped saladThis salad is refreshing, crisp and flavorful along with giving you an extra protein boost from the beans. Add some grilled chicken to make it a full meal.

Joyful Healthy EatsCucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber SandwichesThis is an easy appetizer you will be making for just about every party. All you need are a few simple ingredients. If you want to lighten it up, grab some low-fat cream cheese as the author already uses a good multi-grain bread. I would add a few capers on top for a finishing touch. The brininess of the capers will go really well with the crisp cucumber and creamy cheese topping. Also, great make ahead app!

Worth the WhiskCucumber, Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bites

Cucumber, smoke salmon & capersYou are going to love the combination of flavors going on here. The cucumber is fresh and light and you’ll get that salty and smoky boldness from the salmon. The Boursin cheese cuts through it with all that creaminess. I make these all the time and I know once you try it you will too. If you don’t like capers, add a sprig of dill to the top instead.

Grandmother’s KitchenPickled Cucumbers

Pickled CucumbersDid you know that a pickle is really just a cucumber pickled? Well, I had no idea up until a few years ago. It’s good to know how easy it is to create your own pickle. All you have to do is figure out what type of flavors you want to pickle them in. Here is a basic recipe for you to follow. Change it up and make it your own. Also, a great gift!

The Country CookCreamed Herb Cucumbers

Creamed CucumbersNow this is the recipe I remember my Mom making for a cucumber salad when I was a kid. I thought she used mayonnaise but after reading the recipe I am sure she used sour cream instead. This is so refreshing and tasty. It was my favorite summer salad next to her homemade potato salad. I just picked up some radishes at our local Farmer’s Market yesterday so am going to throw them in this salad to give an extra crunch.

Fit Men CookSmoked Salmon Salad Wraps

Cucumber WrapsThese are just as beautiful as they are healthy. I could see myself serving these up for guests as a great start to our summer gathering or to my family for a light dinner or lunch. It’s packed with nutrients from the fresh veggies and protein from the smoked salmon. If you want to venture into some creaminess I would add some Boursin cheese or a nicely seasoned low-fat Greek yogurt dip.

marie claireRosemary-Infused Cucumber Lemonade

Rosemary-Infused Cucumber LemonadeNothing hits the spot like a cold refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day. Well, gourmet it up a bit and infuse some piney and earthy rosemary, along with refreshing cool cucumber, to the old classic. This is a non-alcoholic drink, but if you want to add a kick, a good gin would go perfectly with all the earthy and refreshing flavors. My new favorite summer drink!

LakelandChilled Cucumber and Yogurt Soup

chilled cucumber and yogurt soupThis is a refreshing start to any meal and everyone will love the Moroccan inspiration. A chilled soup is great on those hot summer days and with the freshness of the cucumber and yogurt this is sure to be a new favorite. I like it much better than traditional gazpacho. So much more summerry and I love the creaminess.

Dash of EastGreen Melon Summer Smoothie

Green Melon Summer smoothieThis smoothie just screams summer in a glass. It’s a beautiful light green color and filled with refreshing sweet flavors. Honeydew has such a wonderful subtle sweetness to it and goes perfectly with that fresh taste of the cucumber. The lemon adds a nice tartness to bring it all together. Great smoothie to get your day started or keep you going later in the day.

Joy the BakerGreen Goddess Tea Sandwiches

IMG_3042I love little tea sandwiches so much. They are the perfect little bite and always filled with great refreshing flavors. Going out for tea can be a hassle especially when you have a one and a half year old. Those tasty treats are so easy to make at home. Perfect little bite to serve to guests or a fabulous lunch.

Everyday Occasions by Jenny Steffens HobickFarmers Market Panzanella

Famer's Market PanzanellaThis entire dish screams bright summer flavors. Just grab the freshest and most bright looking veggies including that fresh cucumber and put it together in one gorgeous dish. The fresh herbs and vinaigrette intensify that freshness from your veggies. I’m in love….

Cherry on my SundaeAvocado Toast with Smoked Salmon

Avocado Toast w_ Smoked SalmonThis is an amazingly flavorful breakfast or brunch dish. Smoked salmon adds a great depth of saltiness while the cucumber freshens the dish up. Wait, the best part is how it all comes together with that ooey, gooey runny yolk from the fried egg. Not for the faint of heart my friends but a great way to start any action packed summer day.

Apple BridesCucumber Gin & Tonic

Cucumber Gin and TonicThis cocktail has it all with regards to bright, refreshing summer flavors. You and your guests will love slowly sipping away at this refreshing drink all summer long. Not much else to say about this one.. just refreshing and fun!

Family Fresh CookingLemonade Cucumber Spa Popsicles

Lemonade-Cucumber-Spa-PopsiclesWith these ice cold and refreshing pops you will be taken back to the spa. Just think how even better those flavors are frozen in an ice pop? A must have treat for the summer!

Canadian LivingSalmon and Caper Burger with Dill Cucumbers

Salmon and Caper BurgersHere is a healthier alternative to the burger using salmon with briny capers and fresh creamy cucumber mixed with dill. This dish is so full of flavor and has a light freshness to it. Grill the bread and salmon patties on the grill for extra smoky crunch!

Homegrown & HealthyCreamy Cucumber Dressing

Creamy Cucumber DressingWant a fresh new dressing to serve up alongside those great salads this summer? Here is a refreshing cucumber dressing that is also creamy and delicious. It will go with any greens you grab so let your creative juices run wild. I would add some fresh ginger to give it an additional kick of flavor and Asian twist.

Cupcake ProjectCucumber Martini Cupcake

Cucumber+Martini+CupcakesThese little cupcakes are so sophisticated. They are not super sweet, yet sweet enough, and the gin and vermouth add an unexpected bite. They also very light and as refreshing as a cupcake can get. Something completely outside the box you will be happy you tried. 

Scaling Back BlogCucumber Basil Sorbet

Cucumber basil sorbetHere is another refreshing summer dessert that uses the fresh and hydrating cucumber. Sweet basil with a touch of honey goes perfectly with the cucumber in a tasty and refreshing sorbet. Great palette cleanser to serve between courses as well.

Now that I have given you 20 refreshingly amazing ways to make beautiful summer dishes with cucumbers, get out there and create!

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