Get Inspired with 15 Creative Recipes using Bananas!

My husband buys 2-3 bunches of bananas at a time because he and my daughter love them. If you love them too, save 20% with our new Healthy Offer of the Week.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.13.10 AMCheck out 15 recipes celebrating the banana. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to try out new ways to use a staple ingredient.

Made from PinterestMonkey Butter

Monkey ButterIf the name alone doesn’t catch your attention, the ingredients and popularity on Pinterest will. I’m usually not a huge coconut fan due to the texture, but using ground coconut gives you the flavor without the gritty bits. This can be used in so many different ways and spread on just about anything. Your kids will love asking for that “Monkey Butter”! So cute.

Culinary.netGo Bananas

go bananasThe article linked above includes tips on how to grill and store bananas along with recipes for teriyaki pork chops with grilled bananas, Island kabobs with tropical fruit salad, grilled bananas and Caribbean fruit salsa. They all look amazing and I am going to try all 4. Never thought to grill bananas and am loving the idea.

Stockpiling MomsCreamy Banana Pudding

Creamy-Banana-PuddingThe author had this recipe passed down to her from her Mother-in-Law and stated it is the best banana pudding ever. They make an entire punch bowl of it for the holidays! That must say something about how much your family will enjoy this too. Reading the ingredients I must say it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Stockpiling MomsBanana Coconut Smoothie

Banana-Coconut-SmoothieI have just started enjoying smoothies within the past year. I wasn’t really a fan for a long time. There are so many great recipes out there I just continued to try them and now I’m hooked. This one is so tasty and uses only 4 simple ingredients. It’s refreshing on the go in the morning or sipping in the sun after a long day. It will be one of your new favorites!

lemon tree dwellingBanana Split Dump Cake

Banana Split Dump CakeThis is an ice cream inspired cake and it sounds delicious! Everyone loves ice cream so why not have a non-melt version of it? This cake is filled with bananas, strawberries pineapple, nuts and coconut. Everything that is in a true banana split! Dump it all together and the cake is done! It’s also very easy. Enjoy!

lemon tree dwellingBanana Split Kabobs

Banana-Split-KabobsCan you tell I like banana splits? Well, obviously I do and mainly because it takes the best of flavors and blends them all together. Here is a fun take on a banana split with all the ingredients on fun skewers. Everyone will love having their own kabob and eating those tasty desserts right off the stick. Grill them for a warm and smokey twist. Add marshmallows if you like. I know me, hubby and my little one will be sitting outside enjoying some of our own this weekend.

design Eat RepeatChocolate Dipped Banana Pops

Chocolate Dipped Banana PopsNow these are as fun as they are flavorful. Also, super easy and something you can do with the kids. Put a variety of colored straws and different types of candies out and let them be as creative as they want.

Bake at 350Bacon-Banana Pancakes with a Bourbon Maple Syrup

banana bacon pancakesWoaahh.. This is a breakfast to really get your day started. What a perfect brunch item as well. I love the addition of bacon in sweet things. Gives any dish such a great balance. Who wouldn’t love buttery bourbon maple syrup to tie it all together? I’m drooling describing it you. I think I’ll make these for hubby on Father’s Day and serve them to him in bed. He deserves it.

Tidy MomBanana Pineapple Italian Ice

banana pineapple italian iceBack when I was a kid my Dad used to drive us all the way into the city of Chicago (we then lived in the suburbs) to Mario’s Italian Ice on Taylor St. We looked forward to it all summer long. The cool fruity flavors bring back great memories. Now I’m in Boston and those day are long gone so this recipe will bring back those summer memories right here at home. A cool and refreshing dessert that can be enjoyed all year around but especially on those warm summer days. Love it!

Tidy MomEasy Banana Creme Brulee

Banana-Creme-BruleeCreme Brulee is my Mom’s absolute favorite dessert. I can’t wait to make this for her next time she’s visiting. Check out how easy it is. It only uses a few ingredients and no torches or special tools. She even uses chocolate Teddy Grahams and JELL-O Instant pudding. So easy and yet it will look so gourmet. Your family and friends will think you slaved in the kitchen all day making this dessert and be so impressed.

Food for my FamilySalted Maple Grilled Bananas

salted-maple-grilled-bananasThis is a Caribbean twist on the traditional American favorite: s’mores. Very sweet with some salty elements and grilled up toasty-warm. Now if that doesn’t get you wanting to try it, I have no idea what will. My husband and I got married in the Caribbean and the food was so good – especially the grilled up fruits for dessert. This will have you feeling like you’re in the Caribbean. Serve it up with the below dirty banana cocktail I found.

The GeorgetownerThe Dirty Banana

The Dirty BananaThis cocktail is from St. Lucia in the Virgin Islands. Whew… It sounds like the Caribbean in a glass. A total must try. I can’t wait to serve these up at my next summer gathering. The name is a ton of fun too. Everyone will get a giggle when you ask them if they would like a “Dirty Banana” 😆

Farm Fresh FeastsGrilled Ham & Banana Pizza

Grilled Ham and Banana PizzaThe captions on Pinterest and the author’s site kept saying “really, you must try this!” so I had to pass it along to you. The author brings up a good point in that we eat pineapple and Canadian bacon pizzas all the time so what’s the difference using banana which is another tropical fruit. I couldn’t agree more – plus I’m always game for trying a new pizza recipe.

Mom on Time OutGrilled Peanut Butter Honey Banana Waffle Sandwich

grilled pb-honey-banana-sandwichHere is a great new lunch or breakfast item that totally changes the boring PB&J for PB&B (that’s peanut butter and banana). Grill it between two pieces of waffle and you have a tasty sandwich the kiddos are going to love The waffles add some whole grains for more nutrition.

It’s Yummi!Strawberry Banana Cupcakes with a Banana Cream Cheese Frosting

Strawberry-Banana-Cupcakes-from-ItsYummiI had to end this post on a mouthful of goodness and that is exactly what the title of this recipe delivers. Strawberries and bananas go together like cookies and milk and now you can get all that lovely flavor in these decadent cupcakes. Plus, they are gorgeous. I think these are going on file to make for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. They’ll be a hit for sure.

Now go bananas over saving 20% on your bananas this week and get cooking, baking and shaking! Don’t forget to leave us a comment on which recipe is your favorite.

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