Get Inspired to Use those Fresh Tomatoes with 15 Fresh Recipes

Fresh, juicy, sweet tomatoes are such a fantastic ingredient for any dish. Now get inspired with 15 fabulous recipes all using tomatoes and save 20% when you purchase them with our new Healthy Offer of the Week.

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lemon tree dwellingTomato-Dill Soup

Tomato-Dill-SoupThis is a rich and creamy soup that is packed with farm fresh flavors. It is also very healthy for you and a great way to use up all those garden vegetables and herbs. Serve it up with your favorite grilled cheese and sprinkle some Parmesan on top just before you serve for an extra special touch.

The Daily MealGrilled Tomatoes

grilled_tomatoesThese are technically not cooked on the grill but using your broiler which gives you the same flavor profile. I know you can easily grill these as well. Under that gooey, bubbling cheese is a salty and delicious spinach stuffing that goes perfectly with the big, sweet beefsteak tomatoes. Great appetizer!

The Garden GrazerSpinach + Tomato Quesadilla with Pestospinach & tomato pesto quesadillasSo many great flavors and so easy to make are the best ways to describe this dish. The mozzarella holds it all together while the feta gives it a great salty edge. The spinach and tomatoes heat up and get soft as it cooks. Perfect lunch, brunch or quick dinner filled with nutrients.

Food LoverBalsamic Roasted Tomatoes

Balsamic-Roasted-TomatoesThese little beauties can be eaten and enjoyed all by themselves or can be used in numerous different ways. Wrap them around asparagus, use them to make a marinara sauce, puree them or add them to pesto and pasta. The possibilities are endless. Your house will smell so good the neighbors will be stopping by to see what you have cooking.

Blogging over ThymeTomato Zucchini Tart

tomato zucchini tartHow gorgeous is this dish? Not only that, it has beautiful sweet and savory flavors no one will be able to resist. Not to mention it is filled with veggies and uses olive oil so it’s very healthy and light.


Tomatoe GazpachoGazpacho sounds a bit intimidating yet it’s just another one of those fancy words the culinary world uses for what is actually very simple. Gazpacho just means cold or uncooked soup. This one uses fresh tomatoes and tons of lovely and fragrant herbs. It’s such a great dish to enjoy in the summer since it is cool and refreshing. I love the idea of serving it in a large martini glass to give it a sophisticated and fun look.

The Devil Wears ParsleyAttack of the Killer Tomatoes

Attack Of TheKiller TomatoesWhat makes this the “attack of the killer tomatoes”? Well, the tomato is the main feature of the dish and it couldn’t be be highlighted any better. Toasty bread and fresh herbs enhance the freshness and sweetness of the tomatoes. I love the use of all the different colors as well. Pretty, fresh, tasty and the another perfect summer snack.

Taste FoodSmoky Roasted Chicken Breasts with Chick Peas, Tomatoes and Cilantro

chicken-chickpeas-tastefoodThis chicken dish is very easy, extremely flavorful and can be done from start to finish in 45 minutes so it’s a great weeknight meal. I love the use of a variety of Mediterranean flavors such as smoky paprika, chickpeas and cumin. These all marry very well with the cool and creamy yogurt sauce for dipping. My daughter is a dipper so she’ll love this dish for sure. 

Joyful Healthy EatsCaprese Flatbread with Balsamic Reduction

Caprese-Flatbread w_ Balsamic ReductionThis will be a fun dish to make with kids plus it is lighter than most pizzas. The combination of roasted tomatoes with the sweet balsamic reduction just melts in your mouth. I have made this before and my daughter loved putting the tomatoes, cheese and basil on top for me. She was super excited to eat her own creation. Love this recipe.

House BeautifulCheese-Gilded Linguini with Smoky Tomatoes

Cheese-Gilded Linguine w_ smokey tomatoesThis pasta dish is very simple and very fresh using little ingredients to really highlight the tomatoes and fresh herbs against the saltiness of the pasta and Italian cheeses. This is a great dish to make a head of time. The sauce can be made at least 1 hour ahead of time but if you make it the night before all the beautiful flavors will have time to melt together making it more decadent and delicious.

House BeautifulIna Garten’s Tomato & Goat Cheese Tarts

Ina Gartens Goat Cheese Tomato TartsGoat cheese has a wonderful tang to it that compliments tomatoes so well. You get the sweet and juicy with the creamy tartness that melts in your mouth. Here you serve those wonderful flavors on top of a pretty puff pastry and some fresh herbs all roasted to perfection in the oven. These are very gourmet and will impress!

Parents.comMr. Tomato Head

Mr. Tomato HeadThis is a great way to get your kids to have fun while eating healthy food. These little guys are stuffed with a couscous mix which you can personalize to you and your family’s tastes. My suggestion would be to add some diced up zucchini, grilled corn, peppers or spinach which will also kick up the nutritious factor. Great starter for a kids party as well.

Grandmother’s KitchenScrumptious Scrambled Eggs

Delicous Scrambled EggsThese eggs are nothing short of scrumptious! Fluffy and delicious with the addition of sweet grape tomatoes, bright green onions and sharp cheddar cheese. Spruce up your scrambled eggs using this recipe. Everyone will be asking for these again and again.


BruschettaAn old Italian classic that never disappoints. Be sure to get a nice crusty Italian bread and put out extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese for those that like to extra dip. You can never go wrong with a good Bruschetta recipe.

84th & 3rdBloody Meari

Bloody MeariA Japanese twist on the Bloody Mary that uses fresh ripe tomatoes instead of tomato juice and freshly grated wasabi to give it an extra spicy kick. Fresh wasabi is not easy to find but you should be able to find wasabi powder in the Asian section of your local grocery store (horseradish can be substituted in a pinch). The tomato juice mix can be made and kept in the fridge for a few days so it’s great to make ahead and have ready for the party.

Now that you have been inspired get out there and get your tomatoes and get cooking!

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