Top 23 Places to Visit with Your Kids

Now that the holiday season is just a memory, you may be starting to think about where to take the kids later in the year. Here’s a list of our top twenty-five destinations for families:

Cincinnati Zoo

Cinncinatti zoo

Cincinnati Zoo is one of the country’s oldest and finest. It opened in 1875 and continues to be hugely popular with visitors. Big savings on tickets can be made if you go on what the zoo calls “penguin days” – the offers last until the end of February. Don’t miss the Snow Monkey feeding times! There are too many highlights to list here, but the amazing white tigers are a must-see.

Las Vegas

This is a city that may not immediately spring to mind when you’re thinking of somewhere to take your children. In fact, Vegas is packed with child-friendly attractions like the Big Apple Coaster at the New York-New York hotel. It costs $14 per person, but the amount you can save with judicious hotel bookings should cover that. Cheap eats are available everywhere, with some amazing buffet offers there for the taking. When the kids are in bed, you can even practice your casino skills online at sites like

Confusion Hill

Confusion Hill

Confusion Hill, located near Piercy CA, is always a hit with kids. Visit the bizarre Gravity House to experience weird phenomena, and decide for yourself whether the effects really are caused by a crashed alien spaceship buried in the mountainside! It’s a bargain afternoon out with tickets at $5 for adults and $4 for 4-12’s; toddlers get in free. The Mountain Train Ride is also worth a look, though the tickets are extra.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is around 20 miles north-east of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Its 400 miles of caves are an amazing experience for adults and children alike. Rangers operate kids-only Nature Track sessions as well as the popular Trog Tour for 8-12s. If you’re planning to stay in the area, camping at one of the park’s three sites is a good budget option.

National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum is a must if you’re heading to Washington DC. The museum’s collection of aircraft and spacecraft is the largest in the world. It includes the Apollo 11 Command Module and the Wright brothers’ original plane, amongst hundreds of fascinating exhibits. There’s also a state of the art IMAX screen showing kid-friendly movies. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the museum is that admission is free!

Disney World Resort


This destination requires no introduction. From water parks to Space Mountain, costumed parades to fantasy castle, this place has it all.

The Appalachian Trail

AppalachianTrail2010 042

We’d strongly advise against making your children hike the full, vast length of the Appalachian trail, but pick a short route along part of America’s greatest footpath for a fantastic outdoors experience that your kids will never forget.

The Superdome


When you’re there at the game as a child, the football action and the sheer scale of the event are truly magical. Get an inside look at the stadium by scheduling a tour, and don’t forget to stroll down Bourbon Street, in the heart of New Orleans‘ oldest neighborhood, the French Quarter.

The Empire State Building


Take a ride to the top of New York’s most iconic skyscraper and we guarantee your kids will be wowed by the view, maybe even more than you are!

The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is one of those destinations we all put on our places-to-visit-before-we-die list. Why not give your child the incredible experience of witnessing this indescribable natural spectacle while they’re still young?

Coachella Music Festival

 Coachella Music Festival

Coachella has built up a reputation as one of the greatest live music festivals on the face of the Earth. This wouldn’t be every parent’s ideal option, but for those with kids in their early teens, this is a great chance to bond over a shared experience of fantastic music and positive energy.



While this isn’t the cheapest option, it could well be the most spectacular. Show us the child who doesn’t like body boarding in the sun!

Yellowstone National Park


Geysers like Old Faithful look incredible from an adult’s perspective, so imagine how jaw-dropping they would seem when you’re looking at them from around four-foot off the floor!

The Rodeo

Texa Rodeo

If you’re the type of parent who wants to instill a love of some old-timey, all-American traditions in your kids, look no further than a Texas rodeo.

Ripley’s Aquarium, Myrtle Beach

Ripley’s Aquarium, Myrtle Beach

Kids tend to be more naturally interested in the living world around them than any of their video games or technological distractions when they’re actually given a choice. Ripley’s Aquarium is a great place for kids to get up close and personal with a dazzling array of sea creatures, great and small.

San Diego


Want the dream beach holiday without having to book an overseas flight? Here’s where you can have it.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Texas

Texas does everything BIG, and the rides at this excellent theme park are no exception. Recommended for brave and fun-loving families!

San Francisco


This is a great sight-seeing vacaation for all the family: ride some classic trams, take a trip to nearby Yosemite National Park and gaze upon the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific beyond.

 Wrigley Field Chicago


This fantastic ballpark, which turns 100 this year, makes the Windy City an ideal destination for youngsters, as do the city’s delicious deep-dish pizzas!

Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride Ski Resort

It’s easier to learn to ski when you’re a child. Take your kids to Telluride Ski Resort and they’ll be leaving you in their powder before you know it!

Niagara Falls

Niagra Falls

The beautiful Niagara Falls on our northern border are a stunning sight and a sure-fire hit with the whole family.

Broadway, New York City


Catch a great family-friendly Broadway show with your kids to give them a taste of the very best of stage performance!

Tucson, Arizona

Tuscon Arizona

Try out horseback-riding with your children in the evocative setting of Tucson, Arizona! Desert scenery it truly fantastic.

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Where do you recommend vacationing with the kids?

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