7 Reasons Why Dads Make Way Better Shoppers Than Moms

 Mom and Dad Grocery

Guest Post By Andrew Kardon from MommysBusy.com

I’m about to say something controversial. Something shocking. Perhaps even life altering. Yes, I’m here to tell you that dads are so much better at grocery shopping than moms.

Go on. Get all huffy. Put on your best potty mouth and chew me out. I can take it. (See, we’re also better at taking insults!)

Now I’m not just saying this to cause a riot at the local Grocery Stores R Us. No, my statement is backed by pure scientific fact. Thousands of man (and woman) hours were put to the test. Charts were drawn up. Graphs were made. Ts were crossed. I… uh… can’t share this highly scientific data with you, though. It’s classified. Yeah, classified.

But just think about it. Dating back to caveman time, what were the roles of men and women? Men would go out in packs and hunt the ferocious sabretooth tiger and bring the kill back for the cavewomen to cook. Sure, they did the killing themselves, but in essence, they were really just going grocery shopping, right?

So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that today’s dad (sans caveman club) is the Master of His Own Shopping Domain. Need proof? Okay, fine. What follows is a list of 7 Reasons why Dads Are Just Way Better Shoppers Than Moms.

Dad Grocery

More Environmentally Conscious

Moms bring reams and reams of shopping lists with them to aid in their purchases.

Dads rely on their memory, thus saving valuable trees’ lives! Who cares if they can’t quite remember it all?

There’s No Loyalty in Shopping

Moms will stick to one specific brand for some crazy half-baked reason. Like 1-ply versus 3-ply toilet paper really makes any difference.

Dads will jump on whatever’s cheapest or has the coolest logo.

Who Doesn’t Love a Surprise?

Moms generally stick to their shopping list for the most part. Yawn.

Dads throw caution to the wind and just buy what feels right! Living on the shopping edge!

Expanding Kids’ Horizons

Moms will look to healthy foods for kids like fruits and vegetables and milk and cheese and whatnot.

Dads are always trying to show kids how much variety there is out there in the food world. If it’s deep fried, compacted into a meat tube or comes on a stick, you better believe dad’s ready to give it a shot!

Keep the Kids Entertained

Moms for some reason tend to drag the poor kids along with them on their shopping excursions. That’s just one mega boring trip for the little guys!

Dads let the kids stay at home with mom where they can have loads more fun watching cartoons and screaming, “What’s for dinner?”

Helping the Economy

Moms like clipping coupons or using spiffy electronic coupons tied to their loyalty cards. (Y’know, like, um, SavingStar!)

Dads prefer to pay full price for things as they’re too embarrassed to be seen with a paper coupon in hand (although that’s not a problem with SavingStar)! More money to the cashier means more money put back into the economy. Good ol’ dad, always thinking about society.

Kill an Afternoon

Moms know where everything is at their supermarket, so they can go directly to the specific sections of the appropriate aisles without wasting a single moment. Sounds efficient? Maybe but how would you even know that Mallomars were on sale this week if you never even went down that aisle?

Dads could use a road map of the store, but since they don’t have one, they instead decide to go up and down. Every. Single. Aisle. That way, they’re sure not to miss anything, especially a super sale on hearts of palm or a 6-pack of Cheese Balls that were never on mom’s list but clearly should have been.

 Do you think dads are better grocery shoppers than moms?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andrew Kardon is the Daddy at Large over at Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy, where he regularly blogs about video games, movies, cartoons, comic books, Legos, Star Wars and other fun stuff. He’s not allowed to cook rice in his own home, so you think he’s allowed to step foot in a grocery store?

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