12 Un-Hair-Related Uses for Conditioner

201305_conditioner_panteneHello savers!  In case you hadn’t seen it, a new SavingStar offer was just posted: Save $5.00 when you spend $25.00 on any Venus® and Pantene® products and Olay® bars, body washes or in-shower body lotion.

The offer works for a variety of products, but for this post I thought I’d hone in on hair conditioner.  In addition to being able to make your hair super-soft and smelling fantastic (if you haven’t ever smelled Pantene conditioner, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a sniff the next time you’re in the Health and Beauty Aids section), Pantene can also be used in a lot of extremely unhairy ways.  I dug around online to find some untraditional uses for this product that we always have on hand, just a shower away.

1.  Substitute for Shaving Cream.  This is the use we’ve probably all heard of, and I’ve actually tried myself with success.  As an added bonus it leaves your legs feeling extra-moisturized.

2.  Temporary Tattoo Removal.  If you have kids, then there is a good chance you are extremely familiar with the unfortunate appearance of a degrading temporary tattoo.  Before your kid’s tattoo takes on that “is that a giant scab?” look, rub some conditioner on it, let it sit for a minute, and then rinse/wipe it off.  Much easier than fierce scrubbing with a washcloth covered in baby oil.

201305_conditioner_bandaid3.  Pain-free Bandage Removal.  While we on kids, we can also talk band-aids.  For a super-sticky one that will undoubtedly yield tears, try rubbing some conditioner where the adhesive meets the skin, and then wait a few minutes before gently peeling it off, adding more conditioner if needed.

4.  Removing a Stuck Ring.  Warmer weather is coming, and with it swollen summertime fingers.  Try a glob of conditioner to get that too-tight ring off.

5.  Remove Make-up.  This one was news to me – instead of using expensive make-up removers, just put a bit of conditioner on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup.  A great tip for traveling, too.

6.  Use as Fabric Softener.  Apparently conditioner and fabric softener are close-related cousins.  One user says she just squirts some conditioner on a washcloth, rubs it together until it’s not gloppy, and tosses it in her dryer.  Each washcloth can be used for 3 or so dryer cycles before needing to be washed and “refilled.”

201305_conditioner_sweater7.  Unshrink a Shrunken Sweater.  Put a tablespoon of conditioner in a sinkful of warm water and soak your too-small sweater for 30 minutes, then take it out and gently stretch it.  After it dries it should be back to its former size.

8.  Wash Delicates.  Instead of pricey special laundry detergent, you can use a small amount of hair conditioner in warm water to wash delicate fabrics, and then hang them to dry.  They’ll smell great too.

201305_conditioner_plant9.  Clean and Shine your Houseplants.  People do this?  Oh, the things you learn on the internet.  If your dull houseplant leaves are giving you anxiety, try putting a little conditioner on a dustrag and wiping them down.  The conditioner will add shine and provide a barrier from additional dust and grime accumulating.

10.  Condition Leather.  Use conditioner as a gentle conditioner (ha!) for leather products.  You can also put a thin coat on boots or shoes in the winter to keep them from getting that attractive white line from the combination of snow, salt, and slush.

11.  Ease the Slide of your Shower Curtain.  Rub a little conditioner on your shower rod to make your shower curtain rings slide along more easily.

201305_conditioner_foot12.  Moisturize Super-Dry Feet.  Instead of expensive creams, slather on some hair conditioner and put on a pair of white cotton socks before bed.  Your feet should feel nice and soft by morning.  (Note: no flower will grow between your toes, though.  Sorry.)

Ever tried one of these solutions yourself?  We’d love to hear the results in the comments!

Sources: DIY Life, The Soul Stepford, Thrifty Fun, Readers Digest, Talking Dollars and Sense, and FamilyZip.  Photo credits: runrunrun (bandage), vierdrie (sweater), netkarma (houseplant), bigevil600 (foot with flower).

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