11 Fresh Ways to Scrapbook Your Memories

What’s the first thing you do when you get back from a vacation? Collect all your pictures together, of course! And how about after a momentous event, or even a year, like your baby’s first year, or your first year of college? You wouldn’t want to forget important moments that happened right at home either! However, traditional photo albums are so 10 years ago. So here are some tips to liven up how you put together your life’s memories.

1. Winkflash, Snapfish, etc.: Before I give you some ideas for making your own photo collection, make sure to check out the many sites that create albums for you. The nice thing about this, especially for a gift, is that instead of using an album with plastic photo covers, the photos are turned into pages of a bound book. It comes out really nice. (Original source: winkflash.com)

2. Instagram: Spice up the pictures in your album with Instagram! The many filters provide another layer to your memories to emphasize your favorite parts of the photo—whether it’s the sunny day, the bright neon lights, or the old-timey classic-ness—before you print it out. (Original source: instagram.com)

3. Stickers: The benefit of doing a scrapbook instead of a photo album is that you’re not limited to remembering an event from photos. Whether you want to add stickers related to where you were and what you were doing, or want to use markers to draw your own decorations, include some spice in your book. (Original source: michaels.com)

4. Glue, Glitter Glue, and Sparkles: Looking at thirty horizontal photos can get pretty tedious, so instead glue the photos on the pages at different angles. Some pages can have multiple pictures chopped up, others can be a collage of photos and other moments, and others can be a simple photo in the center, but always add some excitement. Other ideas are glitter glue borders or swirls of sparkles. (Original source: memorymixer.com)

5. Ticket stubs, Maps, Receipts: It’s hard to get a picture of every moment, or for a photo to always explain the location your remembering. So make sure to save your tickets for the plane or train, for museums and shows, and the maps you used to get yourself un-lost and include these in your scrapbook. (Original source: http://forum.wakarusa.com/showthread.php?12115-Ticket-Stubs-What-do-YOU-do-with-them)

6. Scenery: Sometimes a simple landscape picture can be inspiring. Include these pictures as is, or cut them up to include on pages with photos of you and your co-travelers for context. (Original source: http://sharescenery.blogspot.com/2012/11/mountain-scenery-background.html)

7. Flowers, Shells, and Nature: Whether your significant other picked a flower off of someone’s lawn for you, or you walked along the shore and saw a magnificent shell, sometimes the smells and colors of the nature around you are as unforgettable as the event. Try to include these natural elements in your scrapbook. For flowers, dry them in a book for a few days before including them. (Original source: http://pearlmaple.blogspot.com/2010/09/pasted-violets.html)

8. Postcards: Let’s face it—most of us aren’t professional photographers. And that’s okay! But sometimes it’s nice to get one official, stunning shot of a monument, city, or other point of interest. So make sure to pick up some cheap postcards at the local visitor’s center or convenience store to show people the spectacular places you visited. (Original source: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/nycdreamin/5032339531/) 

9. Notes, Articles, Entries, Cards: Did something groundbreaking happen wherever you were while you were there? Do you have a memory that was impossible to commemorate on camera? Don’t forget to remember these things! Try clipping out articles from the local newspaper, or writing your own travel journal entries on some of the pages. If you’re remembering a year or special event, include some greeting cards you received, a recipe you cooked, or a receipt from a great restaurant you celebrated at. (Original source: http://blog.journalcraft.co.uk/index.php/workshops/travel-journal-workshop-slides/) 

10. Long Road/Train Trips: If you’re reliving a vacation on which you traveled to many places, try making the cover or first page a zoomed out map of the region, and then pin-point all the places you went. Sort of like a graphic table-of-contents. (Original source: http://quefabulosa.blogspot.com) 

11. Other Items: Were there items from your experience that can’t be glued on a page? Try gluing an envelope instead, and putting the items inside for safekeeping. It’s like a little memory pocket! (Original source: http://www.chicaandjo.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/pocket_baby_shower_pink.JPG) 

Do you have any other scrapbooking tips?

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