Six Creative Party Favors and Four Themed Favors

Candy might be fun and delicious, but it can get boring pretty quick. When I was a kid, most of the birthday parties I went to gave little bags with assorted miniature candies to each partygoer as a favor. Not my family. My mother, a first grade teacher, always had cool giveaways at my parties, and I was always so proud that when the end of the party came my giveaways were fun.

  1. Mix CDs: two-year-olds and fifty-year-olds alike share a love for great tunes, so why not help your child come up with a list of 10 of his or her favorite songs and compile them to give to the kids. You can even play a sample as background music at the party!

  2. Original T-shirts: I always had themed birthday parties as a young child, so in the weeks leading up to my special day my mom and I would spend weekends using fabric paint to create t-shirts with the theme painted on! She would outline Minnie Mouse, Barney, or whoever my favorite character was that year on a white shirt, and I would help her color them in.

    Samantha Schoenfeld

  3. Snapshot Cookies: I came across this fabulous company recently that takes any photo and imprints it on a batch of square cookies. They encourage Instagram-ing and adding filters for fun, so take a picture of your kid’s face! They also sell cookies in various shapes, which can be perfect to match the party’s theme.

  4. DIY Favors: Throwing a low-key party at home for your kid can be stressful. Make it a little easier by coming up with activities that leave the party-goers with something to take home! Some fun ideas can include spin-art, sand art castles, or tie-dye shirts! 
  5. Hot Wheels, Headbands, Lip Smackers: Buy an assortment of all different colors of one of your kid’s favorite tchotchkes so that each kid has a unique gift to leave with that reminds them of your child.

  6. Candy Bags: If you must resort to candy, have a table with cute plastic bags and different colored ribbons from a crafts store and a bunch of bowls with different candies for the kids to choose from! A make-your-own candy bag is way more fun than a pre-made one.

Doing a special type of party this year? Incorporate the party into the favors!

  1. Pool party: Such a fun theme, and so many favor options! From sand castles and shovels to visors the kids can design with fabric paint after swimming, there are great options available! You can also go with something the kids can use at the party, like towels silk-screened with your kid’s name or another cool design or beach balls.

  2. Cooking party: This was always my favorite kind of party to go to; my best friend had one when we were in first grade, and I had one for my 16thbirthday. And party favors can be so original! You can stick with the obvious and have kids make cupcakes and design the tops with frosting and candy, or you can think outside the box and give away cookie cutters that fit the time of year or birthday child’s favorite things!

  3. Sports party: Giving away sports balls can be fun and easy, but why not try something totally different? Make jerseys for each kid with their name on the back! It can be as simple as white Hanes t-shirts and fabric paint, or something as elaborate as silkscreened shirts in the color of your child’s favorite sports team.

  4. Princess party: I’m sure your little princess is shaking with anticipation for her party, so make it fun by designing princess hats and/or tiaras and wands for each of the little girls, and prince hats/crowns for the little boys. Now every kid can feel like royalty!

Have you seen any other great party favors? Let us know in the comments!

Check out more great party favor ideas on our Pinterest board!

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