The 7 Weirdest Grills You’ve Ever Seen

Did you see that there’s a very summery new offer available from SavingStar?  You can save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any Kingsford® Charcoal, KC Masterpiece Barbeque Sauces, and KC Masterpiece Marinades, through August 2.

In celebration of this offer and the arrival of barbeque season (and, possibly influenced by a few too many episodes watched of the “BBQ Pitmasters” marathon on TLC this past weekend), I thought I’d do a little internet digging to find some examples of crazy things people have turned into working barbeque grills.

I’ll probably just be lame and stick with our Weber, but just in case I come across a spare SCUBA tank someday, maybe I’ll keep these in mind.  Enjoy!

1.  The Whiskey Barrel Grill

Having a wooden structure as a grill doesn’t seem like the brightest idea to me, but hey.


2.  The SCUBA Tank Grill

Perfect for seafood!

3.  The Metal Globe Grill

World cuisine at its finest.

 4.  The Baby Carriage Grill

Please be sure to remove all babies before grilling.

5.  The Motorcycle Grill

It’s not entirely clear to me where you’d stand while grilling on this grill, but I’m guessing practicality was not a major objective here.

6.  The VW Bug Grill

My grandmother used to keep beach chairs in her Beetle’s front trunk.  This seems much more delicious.

And finally, by far the most bizarre grill conversion I found in my search was…

7.  The Casket Grill

This is just wrong.  I’m really, really hopeful this was not a used model.

Regardless of the grill it’s cooked on, what’s your favorite summer barbecue food?  Tell us in the Comments!

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