Your Next Game of Bowling Could Be on Musselman’s!

Every once in a while, I like to use this blog to give brands that offer us eCoupons the opportunity to share a little bit about themselves. This week, we get the inside scoop from Bob Fisher, VP of Marketing for Musselman’s, to get to know a little more about the company behind the sauce.

Save 50¢ when you buy two jars of Musselman’s Apple Sauce.

SavingStar: Where do you source the apples that are used to make your apple sauce?  What specific types of apples do you use?

Bob: All of the apples used to make Musselman’s Apple Sauce come from the U.S. The majority are grown local to our processing plants in Pennsylvania and Michigan. We use a variety of apples that allow us to get a consistent product year-round that has some of the best properties of each variety: York Imperial and Ida Red for a good texture to the apple sauce after cooking, Stayman and Granny Smith for tart flavor, Golden Delicious for a bright color, Rome and Red Delicious for sweetness.

SavingStar: How many servings of fruit does a single serving of Musselman’s apple sauce “count” for?

Bob: 4 oz (1/2 cup) of apple sauce is a single serving of fruit.

SavingStar: Musselman’s is actually owned by a “cooperative of fruit growers.”  What exactly does that mean?

Bob: Musselman’s apple sauce has been a family favorite for over 100 years. Approximately 150 growers not only own the orchards and harvest the fruit, but they are also the owners of the company.  There is no big multinational conglomerate here, just family farms running a business to provide for their future.

SavingStar: What is the thought behind the free bowling promotion that Musselman’s is currently offering? (Bring a printed voucher and a Musselman’s proof-of-purchase to a participating bowling alley and get a free game.  And, there’s no one-voucher-per-group rule – every person in your party can bowl for free if they have a voucher with proof-of-purchase.)

Bob: Most of our consumers are families and we wanted to help them enjoy a fun afternoon being active and healthy together.



SavingStar: What are some of the ways you’ve seen customers use Musselmans apple sauce in their cooking, beyond as a snack or a side at dinner?

Bob: Apple Sauce is a great way to add moisture to cooking/baking without adding fat. And because it is a fairly neutral flavor it complements any dish. We recommend using apple sauce in meatloaf or meatballs to keep them moist and tender. Apple sauce can be a marinade or cooking sauce for chicken, ham or pork chops. And try replacing the oil in box brownies/cake/muffin mixes with apple sauce to reduce the fat and calories.  Here are some of my favorite recipes: Apple Sauce Meatloaf, Meatballs, Barbecue Chicken, Maple Citrus Ham Glaze, and Craig’s Apple Pork Chops.

Many thanks to Bob for taking the time to answer my questions.  Don’t forget to activate your eCoupon so you can save on your sauce, and to go print your voucher for a free game of bowling on Musselman’s.

Photo credit: MeiTeng 

Do you go bowling with your family?  I’ve yet to take my kids, who are 5, 5, and almost 3, for fear of broken toes, but I’m looking forward to their first bowling trip.  How old were you when you went bowling for the first time?

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