Getting Saucy: 7 Recipes Using Applesauce

Applesauce is one of those great go-to things to have on hand… lets you easily add a “fruit” to dinner, can be a quick and healthy snack in the afternoon, and can pass the pickiness test of even the most finicky of eaters.

I have a couple of other ways I myself use the jar of cinnamon applesauce that’s perpetually in our fridge:

  • I add two tablespoons or so to a bowl of plain oatmeal to sweeten it up without going overboard
  • I make a “fake apple pie” ice cream dish by putting some graham crackers in a bowl, pouring some cinnamon applesauce on top, heating that up for about 30 seconds and then scooping in vanilla ice cream, and if I have it, adding some caramel sauce and whipped cream.
  • After feeling guilty about the ice cream indulgence, you can try to redeem yourself by swapping applesauce for oil in your boxed baking mix recipes, to cut the fat a bit without losing the taste integrity of the recipe.

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And here are a few other ways to expand your applesauce horizons:

Applesauce Bars

Try these out as an alternative to brownies or cookies as a treat for you (or your kids!)





Applesauce Meatloaf

Reviewers of this recipe repeatedly cite how the applesauce makes the meatloaf come out very moist and with a nice sweet tang to it.  Sounds worth trying!



Potato Pancakes

Okay, so technically applesauce isn’t in the actual recipe, but in my opinion nothing pairs better with applesauce than some good, crispy potato pancakes.  One reviewer of this recipe suggests cooking them up in a waffle iron instead of the traditional pan frying… cut down on the oil and save yourself some guilt.


Puffed-Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

Following the idea I mentioned up above, this chocolate chip cookie recipe nixes oil in favor of applesauce, resulting in a chewy, cakey cookie with less fat and calories than traditional chocolate chippers.





Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

This quick-to-make shake could be a great breakfast on the go, or even a post-dinner treat.




Cinnamon Apple Rice

You have to admit, this one sounds intriguing.  I wouldn’t have thought to mix these two typical sides into one dish, but hey, it all mixes together eventually, right?



Green Summer Salsa

With how the weather’s been here in the Northeast the past few days, it feels like summer is right around the corner.  You’ve heard of mango salsa… why not a version using applesauce?


What’s your favorite way to enjoy your applesauce?  Let us know in the Comments!

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