10 Fall Recipes Using Truvia All Natural Sweetener With Zero Calories

You may have noticed lately that the rainbow of sugar substitute packets available at your local grocery store has broadened.  Now, in addition to the pink, blue, and yellow, a new option has been added – the green and white Truvia packets.

Truvia is kind of a groundbreaker in the sugar substitute world.  Until recently, the only zero-calorie sweeteners available to U.S. consumers were artificially created in a lab (namely, Sweet’n Low and Equal.)  Then came Splenda, which is a bit “less” artificial in that it is derived from natural sugar, but still requires some molecular manipulation to become the final product.  Until Truvia came along, there was no truly natural zero-calorie sweetener that could grace your morning coffee.

Truvia is made using the stevia plant, whose sweet-tasting leaves have been used to sweeten foods and drinks since its discovery in Paraguay over 200 years ago.  Many countries have been using stevia-based sweeteners for decades, most notably Japan.  Stevia has been available to Japanese consumers since 1971 and accounts for over 40% of the sweetener market there, and is used in many Japanese food and beverage products, including Coca-Cola.

The specific natural ingredient in the leaves of the stevia plant that is responsible for the sweetness is called rebiana.  The makers of Truvia have developed a process that isolates this rebiana, removing the bitter elements of the leaf that some other stevia-based sweeteners include.  Addtional bonuses are that Truvia is safe for diabetics and is gluten-free.

So now that you know the basics, you might be considering trying Truvia for yourself.  And that’s a good idea, because 1) you can now save 75¢, and 2) the folks at Truvia have posted some very delicious-looking recipes that score high on the fall comfort food scale while being lower in calories.  Here are 10 that stood out to me.

1.  Zanna’s Pumpkin Pancakes


2.  Chocolate Crepes


3.  Reduced Sugar Shortbread Cookies


4.  Basil Marinated Pork Roast


5.  Cooked Cranberry Sauce


6.  Exotic Hot Chocolate


7.  Black & White Spiced Coffee


8.  Pumpkin Ricotta Cheesecake


9.  Apple Crisp


10.  Nuts About Banana Cream Pie

If these caught your eye, or your stomach, then you might want to check out the rest of the recipes Truvia has posted, including several by Top Chef celebrity chefs Sam Talbot and Marisa Churchill.

Have a sweet day!

 All photos and recipes courtesy of www.truvia.com.

 Have you tried Truvia?  How have you used it?

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